10 Ways To Fix Instagram “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” On Android


Does your instagram frequently showing couldn’t refresh feed error message each time you tries to refresh its home page?

Many users like you have come across this Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed problem. This error usually popups at the time of refreshing the feed of latest photos or while viewing your profile.

Don’t get tensed….! As by trying some best working solutions which I have listed in this post, you can easily overcome this couldn’t refresh feed on Instagram problem.

So without wasting any more time just go through all the manual methods along with the recommended software solution i.e Android Repair Tool  to fix this issue.

But before moving on to the actual solution it’s important to know the reasons why Instagram couldn’t refresh feed?

Why Does Instagram Say Couldn’t Refresh Feed?

It is always helpful to know the reasons why does Instagram say couldn’t refresh feed to apply the right fixes.  

Here are some possible reasons behind Couldn’t Refresh Feed Instagram error:

  • Heavy load over the Public WiFi or network due to which you are experiencing the poor internet problem.
  • The Instagram version which you are using is gone outdated now.
  • You must be facing some technical errors like improperly configured DNS, VPN, etc.
  • Internet connection is failing to setup secure connection with Instagram servers and may be due to this you are facing issue in refreshing your feed.
  • Another possible reason behind couldn’t refresh feed issue is that your Instagram app’s cache is somehow got corrupted.

How To Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed?

Now let us check the solutions that will help to fix couldn’t refresh Instagram feed on Android phones. Go through them and solve the error without any issue.

1: Recommended Way To Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed On Android

Apart from all the above methods mentioned, here I have an alternate solution for you. This is called an Android Repair Tool, a professional tool to fix all such kind of issues or errors on Android. Use this tool to fix couldn’t refresh Instagram feed on Android. This is an amazing software to use as it has solved several others previously.

It is easy to use and can get rid of any kind of Android errors without any further loss. So simply Download Android Repair software and solve Instagram error on Android.

2: Restart Your Phone

The very first thing to get rid of this error is by restarting your phone once. This is a simple trick that helps to solve Couldn’t refresh feed on Instagram.

This has worked for several people and hopefully, you can also fix it.

But if the error continues then move to the next solution.

3: Clear Cache And Data

Another solution to fix the error is by clearing the cache and data of Instagram. This can be an effective solution and has helped lots of users.

With the regular usage, all apps starts storing temporary cache files on the device that helps in faster functioning and loading of the app. The same thing happens in Instagram app also that’s why it is recommended to clear cache regularly. This will ultimately allow fresh Instagram feeds to work flawlessly on your device.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Open the android phone “Settings” first.
  • Now choose the “Apps” option and then respectively get into the “All apps->Instagram->Storage”.
  • In your Instagram storage settings choose “Clear Cache” and then choose “Clear Data”.

clear instagram cache

  • Save all your done change and then take exit from it.
  • Restart your application and check whether your Instagram feed starts refreshing now or not.

4: Check Network Connectivity

Network connectivity is also one of the main reasons for the above Instagram error. If your app does not get a proper internet then it might show “Couldn’t refresh feed” error.

So once you should check your data connection and if you are using Wi-Fi then ensure its working properly. Weak or no signal can be the cause of such error.

5: Avoid Double Hashtags

Many users have told that double hashtag (##) is the reason for such error. The hashtags created in comments by others can cause Instagram can’t refresh feed error.

Sometimes, double hashtags cause the app to fail and can lead to such an error message.

Therefore, you should fix this problem by login to your Instagram account from any browser. After that, look for the exact comment that is having a double hashtag and delete it.

That’s it.

6: Update An Outdated Version Of Instagram

If you are using an old version of the Instagram app then such an issue can popup. Even the application does not work as well if the app is not updated.

So you should check if your app needs an update and this might solve the error you are coming across.

So you should check whether the app needs an update or not by going to App Store. There look for the app and if any update required then download and install it.

7: Re-Login Into Instagram

Another thing that you can do to get rid of “Couldn’t refresh feed” on Instagram is by logging out and again login back. This is a great way to solve the error as re-login will refresh the app and all annoying issues will be removed.

Doing this will also help you in re-authenticate Instagram by re-login into your Instagram account after complete log out.

1. On your Instagram home, tap to your Profile icon which is present at the bottom right corner.

2. Now hit the hamburger menu (i.e 3 lines present at the top-right corner)

3. Hit the Settings icon and then choose the Log Out option.

relogin the instagram

4. After that wait for few minutes and then again try to login with your Instagram ID.

Now check whether you have overcome the issue of couldn’t refresh feed on instagram or not.

Now hopefully, your Instagram will work normally without any error.

8: Uninstall Instagram

When the error is only on the particular app like Instagram then you should uninstall the app and again install it later on. This is a good step towards getting rid of Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Tap on Instagram icon from Home screen unless it shakes
  • Now click on the X button to delete the app
  • After that, go to Google Play Store and search Instagram app
  • Next, click on the Install button
  • After installing, login into the app with same user id and password

Now check if the problem is resolved or not.

9: Remove Inappopriate Comment Or Post

Some users have reported that they come across such kind of error due to inappropriate comments, posts or photos. So when this is the situation, you should log in to your Instagram on the computer and see if some wrong is happening.

For Comments– Check out your comments on posts as some comments may have double hashtags. Whereas many have reported that they were getting such error because of “√ symbol”. So you should delete that particular comment and see the difference.

Posts– When kind of post is not proper then you will get messages at the time of signing on the browser. Simply delete the post and check for a solution.

Photos– Many users have reported about this error on their profile and so they want to know how to fix Instagram couldn’t refresh feed on profiles. The simple solution for this is to upload a new picture an replace the old one. This will solve the error easily.

10: Use Instagram On Another Phone

When you cannot get rid of the error then it may be the issue with your device. So what you should do in this situation is, use another phone to access Instagram app.

After logging into your Instagram account on another device, refresh the feed of Instagram and see if the same issue is occurring here or not. If you don’t get the same error then it means that issue is with the device itself.

11: Report Issue To The Instagram Team

If your instagram keeps saying couldn’t refresh feed even when you are trying to access it on some other device.

In that case, you need to contact the Instagram team to check if there is any temporary bug present on their end.

Here is how to report about your couldn’t refresh feed issue to Instagram Help & Support Team.

Step 1. On your Instagram home, tap to your Profile icon which is present at the bottom right corner.

Step 2. Now hit the hamburger menu (i.e 3 lines present at the top-right corner)

Step 3. Go to Settings> Help > Report a Problem.

Step 4. Now on the opened Report a Problem window, write down about the issue that you are facing and then submit it.

Report the issue to Instagram


Why Is My Instagram Not Refreshing?

Well there can be several reasons which imparts to this Instagram can’t refresh feed issue.

Out of which full storage space, Poor internet connection, outdated version of app, technical malfunction, corrupted cache data, etc. are most common one.

How Can I Send A Report To Instagram?

If even by trying all the possible fixes still you are unable to refresh feed on Instagram then the last option which is left to do is Report To Instagram. Sending report to Instagram is so easy.

Just go to your Instagram Settings >Help>report a problem.


After reading this post, you must have got enough idea on different ways to fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh feed issue.

To enjoy flawless browsing of videos and reels on Instagram you need to solve can’t Refresh feed issue. I am pretty much sure that all the given solutions will surely fix can’t refresh feed on Instagram.

But if in case nothing works, the best solution is to contact your Instagram support team and then wait until they fix the issue from there end.

Besides this you can also use Android Repair software as an alternate option to solve any kind of Android error or issue without any problem.

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