11 cyber security vendors to watch in 2021


The cybersecurity landscape continues to spawn new companies and attract new investment. This is just an example that the industry must provide.

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The security industry is crowded with vendors offering a dizzying array of technologies to help companies deal with ever-changing security challenges.

According to an estimate in 2018, the number of active security vendors is approximately 1,200. Cyber ​​DB, a web-based research platform, says it has a list of more than 3,500 cyber security vendors—only in the United States.

Regardless of the true number, it is clear that organizations have no shortage of options when looking for vendors or technologies to meet their specific security requirements. Unlike many other industries where a few companies dominate the market, the cybersecurity field continues to spawn new companies and attract new investment at a ruthless rate.

According to Crunchbase, even in 2020, despite all the damage caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic, investors still invested a record $7.8 billion in the global cybersecurity industry. This number has increased nine times from 2011. In 2020, six companies have achieved cybersecurity unicorn status-which means that their market valuations exceed $1 billion. By 2021, nine companies have reached this status.

The following is a sample of 11 suppliers that are worth watching this year—notably the news they released, the funds they raised, the technology they provided, or the executives behind them. (Note: This list is not exhaustive or a list of top suppliers in any category.)

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