15 Ways to Deal with Angry Customers in Call Centers


We all called one Customer Service Call Center At least once in our lives. Whether it is to file a complaint, request to activate or deactivate the service, or just to provide general information. In many cases, the supervisor can answer our questions calmly and calmly.

However, sometimes, when the problem escalates, all we want to do is let the call center staff understand what we think. At those moments, the call center manager was equally calm and composed, but the step-by-step behavior often bore us. We became an angry caller.

How to manage angry callers?

Although there are few things you can tell your customers to calm them down, if you are a listener, there are a few things you can do. Here are a few ways to deal with angry call center customers:

1. Listen

When you see an incoming call on your phone Call center software, You will definitely answer their call. One of the basic elements of dealing with angry customers is to listen to them. Please listen clearly before you provide them with any solutions or what to say. At the root of any or every angry customer, they just want to hear their dissatisfaction. By listening, you can help them calm down to a certain extent.

2. Verification

The natural response to dealing with angry customers is to say “calm down.” In almost all cases, this will only make them one step further, and angry customers will be even more angry. So, the best way is to verify them. Accept that there is a problem and tell them that you will provide them with the necessary solutions.

3. Don’t react emotionally

Receiving angry customers in a call center

Although it is easy to get emotionally dizzy, as a call center supervisor, this is a strict no-no. Instead, you must ensure that you treat your customers objectively and don’t personally engage in their anger and rants. Although they push you to the limit of patience, they objectively treat them as another problem you need to solve. Put it in a third-person perspective, and solve it without emotion.

4. Happy training

Although you may be a friendly person in your daily life, an angry customer or an angry caller will reveal your ugly side. To prevent this from happening, training must be conducted to stay present even in this situation. Maintaining a calm tone can help a lot of time. It’s like driving a car-the more you do, the better at it. Proper training of agents will help them handle this situation in a good way.

5. Stay calm and polite

15 tips for dealing with angry customers in a call center

Calmness and politeness are the virtues highly valued by call center supervisors, especially incoming call center supervisors. Although it is natural to partition when customers vent their anger, it helps to stay calm, polite, and enthusiastic. This only happens when we don’t take anything to heart.

6. Considerate

Empathy is often confused with empathy and is practiced in this way. Angry customers don’t want to show sympathy or compassion for the problems they face/face. They want their questions answered. In order to prevent such problems from happening, please fully understand their situation from the perspective of customers.Then, armed Outbound call center software Under your control, find the best solution you can provide without having to invest emotions. This will enable customers’ problems to be resolved with the least trouble.

7. Find the root cause of the problem

Throughout the process of customers telling you about their situation, you begin to understand their pain. When you start to understand this, you will automatically start using your call center software to find the root cause of the problem. This will help you narrow down and provide customers with the precise steps they need to find a solution.

8. Reiterate the problem based on facts

Make sure you go back to the main problem the customer is facing. Don’t provide solutions for things they don’t want, but make sure to get back to the point. And return to reiterate to customers the facts and reasons that you will solve their problems.

9. Give them more than one solution

Sometimes, there may only be one solution to a problem faced by an angry customer. But most of the time, call center systems are good at providing multiple solutions to the difficulties faced by angry customers. This actually puts the ball on the court where they want to take the answer. In addition, it makes them feel that they can control the situation and get what they want, which is the key to dealing with angry callers.

10. Admit frankly, when you don’t know

The childhood lesson is that honesty is the best policy, and it works miracles when dealing with angry calls. They are angry mainly because they have not found a solution to the problem. Rather than lying and misleading them, it is a kind of strong opposition, which will further aggravate their emotions. Therefore, if you don’t know what to do, don’t be afraid to admit it and transfer it to the person you need, it is very easy to call into the call center software.

11. Don’t let them put on hold

When Phoebe was put on hold for a day, we all watched the episode of FRIENDS. Although she had enough patience to keep it up, the angry caller did not. Essentially, they just want to hear who can give them a solution. Putting them on hold will only make things worse, because their already low patience will drop to new lows and you won’t hear its end.

12. Say what you do, do what you say

False guarantees, false promises and misleading will cause angry callers to have problems and trust issues. This will eventually lead to phone bombing or loss of business. To avoid both of these situations, just let them know that you are working hard to provide them with a solution. Tell them what you do and don’t know, but make sure they believe their problem will be solved.

13. Prepare the script for the agent

Many times, the script at hand can help you prepare for such emergencies. Practice the script in a live environment with your manager, colleagues, or in front of the mirror. This will allow you to prepare in advance what response you can use to deal with a certain kind of problem.

14. Increase reliance on technology

Use dedicated Virtual call center software Or a general call center system, you can use call recording or call forwarding functions. Through these recordings, you can effectively train employees how to deal with such customers. This will enable new learners to understand the tone used and the steps to be taken when dealing with such customers.

15. Hang up

Sometimes, angry customers tend to cross the line. Call center systems from brands such as CallHippo allow your manager to monitor your calls. Therefore, you can easily transfer the call to them, or if all other methods fail, you can disconnect the call. Although this may lead to an escalation of customer anger, you can still walk away with dignity.

Managing angry callers is not rocket science!

No one likes to deal with angry people, angry callers or angry customers. But as a call center supervisor, you must handle and resolve all customer issues. Although it may be tedious and tiring, the experience itself is enough to make you more confident.

Thanks to CallHippo for the extensive guidance on handling customers, Improve efficiency, Reduce abandoned calls, And their absolutely top call center system, you will easily find yourself in the ocean of callers like a naval commander in the ocean.

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