4 Ways Freelancers Can Go Pro with a Virtual Phone System


In these testing times, when all of us have to shut doors to the outside world and stay indoors, freelancing is gaining importance for its versatility, flexibility, and comfort of working.

Whether you work as a freelance writer, web developer, or interior designer, your ideas and ingenuity are what keep you in demand no matter where you live.

Similar to freelancing, the virtual phone sector is growing in this contemporary outsourcing and crowdsourcing environment.

You can start a virtual assistant business with the minimum financial commitment if you have office support abilities and already own the necessary tools and equipment.

However, when selecting the appropriate business communications system, you may stumble upon a roadblock when making a decision. Fortunately, we have you covered!

At CallHippo, we ensure nothing comes your way while setting up a virtual phone system.

This blog will talk about the four most common issues you will face while setting virtual phones and how to deal with them. Consider this as a guide to select a virtual phone system and manage calls like a pro.

1 ) Issue: Missed Calls, Voicemails, And Texts

Missed Calls, Voicemails, And Texts

One of the disastrous things you can unknowingly do is not to have a system to ensure they do not miss calls or texts.

If you’re like many small company owners and freelancers today, you may be fielding customer calls and messages only on your cell phone. This approach may work while growing, but once you grow into a full-fledged company, it is nearly impossible to keep track of the calls without a system in place.

Fix: Use A Personal Phone System From CallHippo

Get all the benefits of a virtual phone system with your cell phone from CallHippo and resolve issues like responding to multiple calls, voicemails, or messages at a time without worrying about the low voicemail capacity.

You can, moreover, continue to use that cell phone with a phone system by adding it as a forwarding phone number to your CallHippo account. In addition, we offer features like a call menu, business voicemail, on-hold music, and more.

By doing so, you can effectively add a business phone system to your cell phone, loaded with the capabilities associated with a business phone system.

No Professional Call Menu

Many customer cares or virtual phone assistants fail to give a professional call menu to their customers when they try to reach them.

You might be wondering the need for a call menu when you can directly answer a call. Of course, you can always do that, but it’s a good idea to have a recorded message. The purpose of the call menu is to sound as professional as possible, and this is impossible for your cell phone to manage without a virtual phone system.

If you choose to use the call menu function, callers can select from a list of predefined alternatives. In addition, the call menu allows you to customize each option, whether you want the call to ring your phone directly, go to voicemail, or play a pre-recorded message.

If you prefer to provide callers with an automated list of alternatives in the form of a “phone tree,” utilizing any automation tools available with a CallHippo phone system will help you sound professional when clients call.

In the CallHippo system, you can add a call menu or keep it off and answer each call as it comes in, stacking them on hold if numerous calls come in simultaneously.

3 ) Issue: Unable To Connect Multiple Phones Into One Unified System

Unable To Connect Multiple Phones Into One Unified System

Many freelancers and standalone businesses find it challenging to collaborate with others businesses seamlessly via a phone system because of the conventional phone system, requiring you to modify the phone’s settings or purchase any equipment.

Moreover, in a conventional phone system, you need to grant access to your business voicemail or text messages from clients to anyone who works with you.

You have to provide everyone with complete access to assign user rights to each team member, which can get tedious once your business starts flourishing.

Fix: Adopt CallHippo Phone Services and Get Everyone Connected

By combining your team’s phones into a single, unified phone system, you can simplify your life while offering a professional experience for your clients.

We at CallHippo help you set the system to ring all your phones together in a specified sequence in series. The system also allows you to leave a call unattended when you are not on the desk. In addition, we let you access voicemail, text messages, call history, and other features from any location on your phone.

Moreover, using the system you already own, you can easily add the phones of everyone on your team to your CallHippo account as forwarding numbers.

4 ) Issue: Losing Track Of Messages & Call

Losing Track Of Messages & Call

One of the most frustrating things you will encounter while handling a phone system is losing track of calls and messages you received throughout the day.

You cannot view the date and time of inbound and outbound calls, including answered or missed calls and the call path for each one, indicating which call menu option was selected and any transfer details.

Fix: CallHippo Allows You To Manage Voicemail & Text Messages From Your Control Panel

One of the most remarkable features of a professional virtual phone system like CallHippo is that you can manage everything from a simple-to-use control panel. Our system lets you alter the settings as deemed fit via the online dashboard while preserving all the information linked with your calls, voicemail, or text messages.

Additionally, your online control panel includes a voicemail section where you can examine your voice mailboxes and messages, as well as the amount of space remaining in each mailbox and the voicemail greetings you’ve configured. 

We also allow you to play and listen to your pre-recorded greetings and change them when needed.

EndNote: Don’t Fear Using A Virtual Phone System

Don’t Fear Using A Virtual Phone System

The future of virtual phones is as bright as any other business. A virtual—or cloud-based—phone system provides a significant portion of the capabilities of a legacy corporate system at a significantly reduced cost. 

By implementing a cloud-based phone system, you can grow your freelance business into a full-fledged company.

While being your boss has numerous benefits, one possible disadvantage is dealing with parts of the business that are outside your comfort zone. 

Fortunately, today’s best-in-class technical solutions provide more capabilities than ever before for freelancers.

Need to set up a VoIP or a virtual phone system? Call us now!

About CallHippo

CallHippo is a cloud-based phone system that provides standard office phone system functions without service changes or costly equipment.

With CallHippo, you can add as many phones as you need, and it will handle the traffic of your business irrespective of the size.

If you’re curious about how this all works, you can drop us a mail or reach us out at CallHippo.com to see for yourself.

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