6 Ways To Back Up Android Phone Before Factory Reset



This blog will help you to know how to back up Android phone before factory reset. Besides this get detailed information about some best apps and software to Back Up Android Phone data.

When To Factory Reset Your Android Phone?

Before moving onto best way to backup android phone before factory reset it’s important to know when you need to factory reset Android phone.

Reason 1: Get Rid Of The Junk

With the usage Android internal storage and SD Card gets accumulated with lots of junk file. That’s the reason why storage space gets clogged so quickly.

Whereas most of the data in trash are of no use, so by factory resetting your data you can clean up your entire trash. Besides this, factory resetting android phone gives you some extra space for easy storage of data.

Reason 2: Removes Harmful Files

With the long usage phone’s SD card also starts storing harmful files. Such malicious files contain viruses, malware, bugs and thus it can corrupt your entire device data.

So factory resetting the android phone can easily clear all such type of harmful hidden files.

Reason 3: Wipe Out Entire Data

After purchasing new SD card, the very first thing that you need to do is factory reset using your android phone. As this help you to remove all unwanted and harmful files.

The same thing is applicable while selling any SD card on android phone.  You have to factory reset the android phone to remove entire stuffs saved in it before selling it. This prevents the possibility of data miss usage.

How To Backup Android Phone Before Factory Reset?

Undoubtedly there are different options to back up android device data.

Out of which some of them back up only certain file types whereas others can back up all type of file. As per the file type you want to backup, you can try any of the following given methods:

1: Using Android Data Backup & Restore software

If you guys are looking for some easy and effortless way to backup android phone data then Android Data Backup & Restore tool is the best recommended option to go with.

Using this tool you can get a complete backup of all your android device data.

Keeping always updated backup of your android device data is the best option to avoid data inaccessibility. So that you can, easily restore them back whenever you required.

This tool is quiet efficient in creating data backup such as calendar, photos, videos, mails, contacts, app data,  call logs, notes, music, app etc.

After making android data backup you can easily see the preview of it. Apart from this, you have also the option to restore data on any of your android or iOS devices.

It is a safe and secure solution to backup android data without any technical help.

This tool has a huge supports for various Android smartphones like LG, HTC, Lenovo, Oppo, Nexus, Sony, Motorola, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus and more.  Besides this the tool supports all variants of old or new operating system.

2: How To Back Up Android Phone Before Factory Reset With Native Backup Feature

Android Native Backup feature is present for quite a while but it has recently gathered attention due to several of its innovative updates.

Although it provides efficient backup feature but it has consequences too. One of which is backup data size limit restrictions.

Here is how to backup Android Phone before Factory Reset with Native Backup Feature:

1: Go to the setting option in your Android device, and then hit the ‘Personal‘ > ‘Backup and Reset‘ option.

Here you will get the two options: ‘Automatic restore‘ and ‘Back up My Data‘. Choose both of these options.

2: Now go to the ‘Personal‘ page after then on the ‘Account & Sync‘.

Choose your Google account in which you want to save your backup. Make sure that you choose all the options available on the page, so that all the data present on your android device will easily backup.

3: How To Back Up Android Phone Before Factory Reset Using MTP

Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) is upgraded or extended version of PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol). MTP is mainly used for easy transferring of images from digital cameras to PC.

It’s a USB transference system which shifts Video, audio, files from android to PC.

For easy backup android device before factory reset with MTP , follow down the below steps:

  • First of all you need to connect your android phone to the PC using the USB cable.
  • On your phone screen you will get USB connection notification. By default the “Charging” option appears selected.
  • Select the mode “Transfer Files”/MTP.
  • PC will detect your phone as the media device.
  • Now get into the “My Computer” option.
  • On your device name make a double tap.
  • Hit the SD card or internal memory which includes the files you desired for.
  • Now open your “DCIM” folder and from this copy the video and audio files. After that paste it into your PC’s folder.

MTP helps in keeping your phone under the control of the task and your PC will ask for permission before performing any task.

Overall this protocol confirms that no data will get corrupted or lost meanwhile performing the backup process.

4: How To Back Up Android Phone Before Factory Reset Using Google Account

You can also take benefit of android automatic backup system for immediate file storage.

For this it’s important that automatic backup option should be previously enabled in your phone. If it’s not then manually synchronize the Android device with the Google account and then enable the backup process.

Follow the below steps to back up Android phone before factory reset using Google account:

  1. Go to android phone’s “Settings” either using the app or tap to the gear icon present over the notification bar.
  2. Inside the setting there is an option of “Accounts” so make a hit over it and then from the list choose the option ”Google”.
  3. You will see that within the account address, there is items list such as

Gmail“, “Calendar“, “Contacts“, “Docs“, “Chrome“,  “Drive

  1. If your backup option is previously enabled then each of the choices will show you when it was last synchronized.
  2. In case, it’s not synced before then you need to turn each of them manually. To backup through all the choices you need to enable these options.
  3. After that sign-in to your Gmail account to get ensure that the process is going on properly.

To keep the backup of the multimedia files you cannot use the Google accounts.

Apart from this, audio files are also having some limitations so it’s better to move on to the next solution for Android data backup.

5: How Can I Back Up Android Contacts to SIM Card Before Factory Reset

Instead of storing your contacts on any external device backup all your contacts on SIM card before factory reset.

Here are the steps that you need to perform to Back Up Android Contacts to SIM Card Before Factory Reset.

  1. Open the contacts app on your android phone.
  2. Hit the “settings” or 3 line menus.
  3. Tap to the “Manage contacts”
  4. Select the option “Import/Export contacts”.
  5. Hit the “Export contacts”
  6. Choose to export on the SIM card.
  7. All your exported contact by default gets saved in the vcf file. You have the option to rename this file.

Note: as per your android phone models may be you find difference in the menus and button.

Whereas on some of the device, you need to assign name to your VCF file right before exporting your contacts to the SIM card. So follow the prompts and to do this.

Best Apps To Back Up Android Data 

1: How To Back Up Android Phone before Factory Reset with G Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup is the widely accepted application which keeps your entire data backup completely safe. There is limit for keeping data backup.

Here is how to back up Android phone before factory reset with G cloud backup.

  • Open your Google play store and download the G Cloud Backup on your android phone.
  • Now make an account within this G Cloud Backup app.
  • Make selection for the data you wants to backup and wait till the complete process gets over.

2:  How to Back Up Android Phone before Factory Reset with Google Drive

Many of us want to reset Android setting but without losing any data. In such case, Google Drive is the best app to Back Up Android Data before factory reset.

Follow down the steps to back up documents and other files before factory reset via Google Drive:

Note:  If you want to backup all your downloaded apps on Android before the factory reset then Google drive is not the good option.

Here’s how it is to be done:

  • On your android phone, open your Google Drive application.
  • Sign in with the Gmail account and hit the ‘+‘ icon which is present at the bottom right corner.
  • This will open a menu on your screen, so just go ahead and hit the ‘Upload‘ option.
  • Wait until all the data which you have selected for backup is been uploaded to Google drive.
  • Now you can easily access your backup data in your PC by visiting the official Google drive website.

3: How to Back Up Android Phone before Factory Reset Google Play Music

 Google Play Music is the best app to backup android audio files.

Using this app one can easily stream music from Android to cloud before the factory reset.

For this you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the “Settings” and search for the “Accounts” option which is present within the “Personal”.
  2. Choose the “Google” apps and then select the Gmail account in which you want to back up your phone music.
  3. Move down to the “Google Play Music” and after that switch it on. Leave it for some time until it gets synchronized successfully.

Notice: in all countries, this app is not available.


Factory resetting ultimately helps in fixing this

What Happens During A Factory Reset?

How To Reset Android Phone Without Losing Data?

What Is The Difference Between Hard Reset And Factory Reset?

Factory Reset: Factory reset implies to rebooting of the complete system is done. It is done to remove complete data from the android device; In this you need to start all over again and requires software installation. Most probably factory rest is performed meanwhile updating the new software version of the device. It is also done after system update for removing up any error and bugs that come in the new updated version due to old software. It can clean the whole device. Hard Reset: If the device doesn’t work properly then it means some settings need to change in it. So in that case you need to hard rest your device. It removes all the memory related with the hardware and also updates the hardware with latest updated version. After hard reset processor of your android device takes a restart. For hard reset, your device needs to switch off and then press the Vol+ Power button on your device until the hard reset menu won’t appear.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Factory Reset?

Following are the disadvantages of Factory Reset: You need to end up with losing your complete data. Technically it’s an Android settings It is quiet risky. Data saved on the external storage can’t be deleted. All detail will get deleted and can’t even restore it back without the help of any software or backup.

Is There A Way To Recover Data After Factory Reset Without Backup?

If by mistakenly you have factory reset your Android phone without keeping any backup. In many cases, backup file also get lost or fails to recognize in your phone. Sometime even you need to perform the factory reset accidently without keeping the file backup. So in that case, only left option to restore data is using the professional recommended Android data recovery software. You can easily recover lost data from the android device after factory reset using this software. Apart from this the software support android phone like OnePlus, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Sony, HTC, Google Pixel, ZTE, Xiaomi, etc.

Words in The End:

I have tried my best to provide best available solutions to backup Android phone before factory reset.

So now you can back up everything from photos, texts, music, documents, and more.

If you ask me then I found the option of using G-cloud app for backup. But I still strictly recommend you all to go with the android backup and restore software solution for effortless backup of your android data.

Let us know in the comment, what option does you really find effective to backup android data.

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