8 reasons why your sales team needs cloud teleconferencing services


Only employees can do this in a company – Kathryn Minshew.

This sentence sounds appropriate, especially for the sales team. If your sales staff cannot generate enough potential customers or revenue, there must be a gap in communication and planning.

Moreover, when most companies work remotely (due to the COVID-19 pandemic), the communication gap has widened. However, the benefit is that you can use cloud-based teleconferencing services to fill in the gaps and improve sales team performance.

The cloud-based conference call service allows you to connect with the entire sales team no matter where you are. You can gather together on a conference call to discuss, brainstorm and solve common sales challenges to increase conversion rates.

Isn’t it? Cloud-based conference calls for sales teams have more benefits.

8 ways a cloud-based conference call service can help your sales team

It’s worth mentioning that you can use both audio and video teleconferencing services to increase the productivity of your sales team and produce better results.

1. Keep everyone united

When all your salespeople are aligned with your goals, they are more likely to achieve those goals. This also ensures that they understand the boundaries and understand the shortcomings of your company.

Cloud-based conference calls allow you to communicate with your team at the same time and make sure they understand what is expected of them. They can even ask questions (if any) and clear all doubts.

When conducting conference calls with customers, it helps to ensure that they (all decision makers) understand the capabilities of your product. This also removes any expectations and assumptions they may have of you, allowing you to better fulfill your promises.

2. Improve engagement

If you cannot meet potential customers in person, it is difficult to sell products or services. It is difficult to understand the expectations of the other person or the extent to which they receive information.

However, with cloud-based video conferencing, you can better assess the interest of potential customers and the extent to which they receive information. This will enable you to adjust your presentation accordingly.

The video also helps to put a brand behind the name and build better customer relationships. As long as you can effectively capture and attract the attention of potential customers, you can easily build trust with customers.

3. Save time and money

Cloud-based conference calls allow regular business meetings without the need to travel. This saves time and money, and can have a positive impact on your sales team.

Here are three other ways to save time and money on conference calls:

  • Hold more meetings in less time: Cloud-based conference calls allow you to hold more frequent meetings. They do not need to go to the client’s place or office (for internal meetings). Moreover, more meetings mean more opportunities to switch customers.
  • Better flexibility: Potential customers who are key decision makers in the company are usually limited by time. With a conference call, your team can meet at a time that is convenient for both of them (even if it means after dinner).
  • Expand sales focus: In physical sales, your employees are limited to a certain geographic location. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of money on their travel. However, through conference calls, you can find any potential customers worldwide, thereby expanding your business scope and reducing competition.

4. Provide unlimited access

When you participate in a meeting, the last thing you have to do is to let the participant be denied access because you have reached the limit. Cloud-based conference calling allows you to add up to 100 participants without any restrictions on the call time.

This means you can easily hold inter-departmental (sales, customer support, and marketing) meetings. In turn, this ensures that all your employees are aware of the latest customer trends and product changes.

5. The ability to record employees who are unable to attend meetings

Considering the current situation (the COVID-19 pandemic), not every employee can attend the meeting for various reasons. This is understandable!

However, you don’t want these employees to stay on your products, customer trends, or tactical changes in the sales process. This is where call recording can help.

Cloud-based conference calls allow you to record the entire conversation. You can then share it with employees who are not in the meeting. The call log also enables you to return to the meeting and use it as a reference for creating new policies.

Another benefit of call recording is that it provides historical records that can be used for future meetings or decision verification.

6. Regular training for remote employees

90% of sales representatives Forget their training knowledge within 120 days. The numbers themselves indicate the importance of regular training. However, when you manage remote teams, training them can be difficult.

Why your sales team needs a cloud-based conference call service

Cloud-based conference calls make it easier for you to gather all team members together to guide them.According to your sales process, you can set a specific time as daily, weekly or monthly Instruct your remote sales staff.

This is also a good time to remind your team of the importance of communication and collaboration. You can even share updates about company information or products to make sure they are aware of recent changes.

7. Inappropriate presentations and statements

The more influential your presentation, the more likely you are to complete the transaction.

If prospective customers cannot easily see or understand the product, then convincing them will become challenging. However, through cloud-based video conference calls, you can show a real-time demonstration of the product.

Here’s how video conferencing can help you provide influential product demonstrations:

  • Screen sharing: The combination of video conferencing applications and screen sharing tools allows you to share real-time information in the system and helps prospective customers understand how the product works.
  • Discuss ideas: How does your product help solve the pain points of potential customers? Which features are most useful to them? Through the conference call, you can discuss all your ideas, thereby increasing participation and understanding.

8. Help build rapport within and outside the organization

When your team members interact regularly, they are more likely to trust them even if they don’t meet each other. This applies to all employees (even employees in different departments).

On the other hand, through conference calls with customers, you can connect with multiple decision makers in your organization. If done correctly, communicating with them can help build rapport with them.

Improved rapport within the organization will ensure coordination and increase productivity. When potential customers trust you, they are more likely to switch and stay in your company.

wrap up

The cloud-based conference call service allows you to establish contact with multiple people (up to 100 people). You can use it to better train your remote agents, connect employees from different departments, and build rapport within and outside the organization.

If you haven’t started taking advantage of cloud-based conference calls, now is the time.

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