8 safe and best websites to download Android APK apps in 2021


we all know Google Store It is the largest platform for downloading applications on Android devices. Google Play Store has ended 2 million apps Thousands of developers/publishers update their applications every day.

Approximately millions of users around the world visit the Play Store every day to download or update applications. However, although Google Play Store is a huge and successful platform, it still has some shortcomings.

You will no longer find some Android apps in the Google Play Store. This can happen for multiple reasons: if the app is locked in your area, there is adult content, or the developer has deleted the app.

If you want to download any of these apps to your Android phone and the app is no longer available on the Play Store, you need to get APK file That application.

So even if you can’t get these apps in the Google Play store, you can still use APK download site. Several websites offer APK file For download.

So if you are looking for The best sites to download Android APKs File security, then in this article you will find the following list Secure website to download APK on Android.

List of safe and best websites to download Android APKs

#1: APK mirroring

The best and safest Android APK

APK mirror believed to be The safest and best APK download site for Android. It is a legitimate source for downloading APK files. This is a very famous website. This website contains almost all the application APKs you are looking for.

Not only that, it also keeps adding new applications and versions.You know what, the best thing is this Android APK website Totally Secure and free download.

on APK mirror You will find a large number of applications and options. The site gets millions of downloads and views every day. In addition, it is easy to browse the site and use it.

So here you can easily find The most secure and updated APK Because all APK files provided on this website have been manually approved by Android experts.

The bottom line is you can’t find a better one Android APK download site It is the safest choice because it never publishes paid apps, pirated apps, or modified APKs.

#2: Lifestyle

The best Android APK download site

other The best sites to download Android APKs Yes APK Pure. This website is full of various APK files.There are multiple options on their website, which makes them The best APK download site for Android.

Their team updated all APK file Every day so that you can enjoy the latest version of the APK.Through this website, you can also enjoy Applications restricted by region You could not download on your phone before.

APK download and installation process is very smooth, even better than Google Play Store.
Interestingly, you can even pre-register future apps, which means that the app will be installed on your Android device immediately after it is released.

APK pure It also allows users to enable notifications so that they receive notifications of every new version and available update.So, you see, you have no reason to ignore this website Download the safe Android APK.

# 3: APK4Fun

Secure website for downloading APK

Next The best APK download site for Android apps Yes APK4Fun. This is a well-structured website that makes it easier and faster for users to find Android APKs.

They also offer the same most downloaded categories as APKMirror.In addition, there are various Android APK, Such as Social, puzzle solving, action, racing, and many more.

APK4Fun Let you find their best service through The best and safest Android APKMoreover, the best part of this APK download site is that you do not need any type of registration or subscription to visit the site and download the APK.

Now, from a security point of view, you don’t need to think twice before trying this site, as all APKs provided here are malware-free​​. Therefore, please feel free to download the APK on Android from the following location APK4Fun.

#4: Android APK

The safest and best APK download site for Android

There are a few apps that are hard to find APK download site. If you are having difficulty obtaining any of these APK files, you must visit Android APK.

This website collects a lot Old App APK This is not easy to find on any other website.And, this is what makes this site different and better from other sites Android APK download site.

Most importantly, they also have many new and popular new applications. Also, I must tell you that their APK download database will not impress you with popular categories and applications.

The process of downloading and installing APK from this website is very smooth and easy. and so, Android version Have everything you want Download the safe APK.

#5: Black Market Alpha

The best sites to download Android APK apps

Next website in the list The best sites to download Android APKs Yes Black Market Alpha. It is also considered to be one of the safest sites from which you can download APKs.

On this website, you don’t need any registration to access their huge library Android APK.
Speaking of its interface, it is the same as Google Play Store This makes it different from other Android APK download site.

In addition, all APKs provided on this website can be downloaded completely free of charge. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can easily use the platform to download applications without any restrictions and complexity.

#6: APK Downloader

The best sites to download Android APKs

APK downloader Is another reliable Websites to download secure APK files. It is a great alternative to the Google Play Store. Here, you can find millions of APKs available for download.

From a security perspective, you don’t need to worry about downloading apps at all, because they are directly from Google Play Store Which makes it one of them A secure website to download Android APKs.

In addition, they will also show whether the application you want to download is safe. Not only that, its interface is also very easy to use, you can see that all applications are classified correctly.

On this website, you can get all newly released apps and old apps that are hard to find on other websites APK download siteSo, you should also try this website to download Secure Android APK file.

#7: Aptoide

Trusted website for downloading APK files

Aptod It is a very famous name in the huge APK download world.This website has more than 200000000 Active users & closed 6 billion downloads. Aptod Have your own Android application that allows users to download APKs directly from their devices.

It is also one of the companies that embrace Blockchain technology with Cryptocurrency. The site also has a Application currency This allows developers to increase their revenue share.

Now, you must be wondering why the website is not listed at the top of the selection even after providing a large number of downloads, and then let me answer your question.

This website has a major drawback, let me put it in this position, that is, they have Modified APK Also on their platform. Therefore, if you are not careful, you may end up accidentally downloading the modified APK.

Otherwise, Aptoide is also a good choice only if you are careful when downloading the application.

#8: APKMonk

APK monk Also a very Popular APK download sites. If you are looking to download game apps, then this website is definitely for you. The site mainly focuses on game APKs, which include all popular games.

The homepage of the website has attracted the attention of all fashionable and popular game applications.

Now speaking of safety, it is safe to use like everyone else A legitimate Android APK download site, They also extract the app’s metadata and images from the Google Play Store and link the app to their original listing in the Play Store.

In addition, they also run their own malware scan before listing APK files on the platform. So, all in all, this is a safe website, they have all the popular and popular APK categories.

My advice:

If you want to ask for my opinion and choose one of these best and safe websites to download the Android APK application, then I prefer to use APK mirroring. That’s why I gave it number one in the list.

The first reason why this website is recommended is that, firstly, you can easily find any type of application here, secondly, the interface is very impressive, which simplifies the user experience, and the last and most important thing is that it is in all websites The safest of these APK download site.

However, other listed sites can also safely download APKs. So, in the final analysis, this is your choice, and you can choose any of these sites.

wrap up

So, this is the safety checklist The best Android APK download siteI have mentioned 8 websites, but the list can have more names.But these are the most Trusted website for downloading APK files Going beyond this point is meaningless.

You can use any of these sites, but you should always keep one thing in mind, never use any site that allows malicious applications on its platform.

Although these are safe choices, you must be careful when downloading the APK, because a wrong move may cause you trouble downloading the modified application.

I hope this article is useful to you, and now you can easily decide which website is your best choice for downloading Android APKs.Don’t forget to follow us at the end Facebook with Twitter For such informative guides.

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