9 Reasons VoIP Phone Numbers Should be Used in Your Company


In today’s dynamic environment, organizations need to be agile and adaptable to ever-changing technologies.

They cannot operate successfully without access to advanced capabilities such as systems integration and video conferencing.

And the trendiest technology for commercial and personal usage on the marketplace currently comes directly from VoIP.

VoIP eliminates the need for traditional phone lines in both corporate and home settings.

Moreover, VoIP is no more a privilege for large firms. Due to the rapid growth of the VoIP market, all businesses can afford to include any feature necessary to compete.

What Is A VoIP Phone Number?

A Voice over IP or VoIP phone number is an actual telephone number allocated to a user rather than a physical phone line. It is in simple words referred to as an extension that may include a publicly available Direct Inward Dial phone number.

How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP is a data network-based service that is used to make calls over the internet. Compared to traditional phone service, which requires calls to be routed via a local telephone provider, VoIP phone service utilizes any broadband connection.

VoIP technology is also applicable to other modes of communication, including chat and text messaging. A business owner can choose VoIP phone numbers for their team, regardless of whether they work remotely.

What Is A VoIP Number Used For?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone numbers are a handy and cost-effective method of conducting corporate conversations.

VoIP offers up endless possibilities not available with standard landline lines, including the following where VoIP is used for:

1 ) VoIP Is Used For Having Choice Of Area Codes

Area codes are assigned to phone numbers by traditional phone companies to determine call costs, particularly long-distance calls. However, nothing of the sort happens with VoIP phone numbers, which are location-independent. Moreover, selecting an area code that does not belong to your physical location as long as your service provider makes it accessible.

Unlike other firms that offer a restricted number of local numbers, CallHippo provides businesses with access to over 200 area codes around the United States.

2 ) VoIP is Used For Getting Access To Toll-free Numbers

You don’t want to charge your consumers every time they contact you! If a customer raises queries about your products or services, they may immediately contact your company and voice their concerns. Knowing you’re always a call away fosters consumer trust and loyalty.

You may select from various toll-free numbers based on your service provider. You may also choose a bespoke vanity phone number—you can request a series of easy-to-remember digits to help with corporate branding.

3 ) VoIP Is Used For Shared Lines

For shared lines

VoIP enables the sharing of a single phone number among many devices. It allows you to make and answer calls on that particular number from any device. It helps you not to miss any call from your valuable customers.

VoIP for the retail industry and restaurant franchises is more beneficial than described because customer service is paramount in these sectors. CallHippo provides shared lines functionality on VoIP phone systems for these business verticals.

4 ) VoIP Is Used For Mobility

Geographically, the VoIP number provided to your organization is adaptable. As a result, if you need to relocate, you won’t have to ask the phone provider to relocate your line.

When your business relocates, you may keep your old phone number and continue operating normally. This eliminates unnecessary downtime associated with adding a phone line and the associated expenditures associated with upgrading marketing materials like websites, brochures, and business cards.

5 ) VoIP Is Used For Convenience

What’s more relaxing than being able to contact anyone sitting anywhere in the world, any time, on any device? We bet nothing! VoIP calls make this happen with a steady internet connection. As a result, handling calls and business numbers becomes more manageable.

If you choose CallHippo as a hosted service provider, you eliminate the need for setup and maintenance. All of the fundamental and sophisticated features necessary for a seamless communication network are at your disposal.

6 ) VoIP Is Used For Flexibility

In a VoIP network, the ability to add new users is restricted with the available bandwidth, which we at CallHippo can expand to meet your requirements.

Frequently, our team switches between multiple devices to increase or decrease the bandwidth as needed. This feature allows users to transition from one place to another without leaving the work behind. It will help your team keep up with their responsibilities while not in the office with VoIP.

7 ) VoIP Is Used To Connect With Multiple Devices

One of the most beneficial aspects of VoIP numbers for businesses is connecting numerous devices to a single virtual number. With an internet telephony number allocated to a person rather than a place, they may carry it with them and access their account from any device.

Once logged in, you may make calls using a business or personal desktop, mobile phone, or tablet compatible with VoIP. Additionally, these VoIP lines may be configured to route calls to several telephone numbers if the customer so desires.

8 ) VoIP Is Used To Enhance Voice Quality

There was a time when only big companies could afford VoIP, but that has changed with a few technological advancements. Even small and medium-sized enterprises may now utilize a VoIP number to communicate effectively with clients anywhere in the United States for free.

With a steady and robust internet connection and ample bandwidth, speech quality is significantly improved over traditional phone lines. However, if you reside in remote areas without a stable internet connection, the quality of your speech may decrease.

9 ) VoIP Is Used To Save Money

save money

Even after purchasing new hardware or boosting network connection speed, switching to VoIP numbers can save money. Because VoIP conversations are routed through the public internet or a private company’s intranet, operators do not need to maintain separate data and voice infrastructures. Voice calls are processed similarly to other data packets, which makes long-distance communication simpler.

As a top VoIP number provider, we leverage existing IP networks to circumvent traditional phone operators worldwide.

How Do I Get a VoIP Number?

When you sign up for a CallHippo VoIP service plan, you get VoIP with the domain and a competent service provider from the team who will assist you in getting the virtual phone number of your choice. 

CallHippo includes free porting and setup with every subscription. Plans for CallHippo’s business phone service begin at $20 per month.

Enhance the Value of Your VoIP Phone System

Whatever number you pick, VoIP provides an excellent bargain.

CallHippo takes it a step farther. We designed our business phone service intending to provide you with the most excellent value and service. We have invested our hard-earned money in developing the most dependable business voice network, and our support team is entirely in-house.

Do you think we missed any important utility benefit of a VoIP phone number? Let us know in the comments below.

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