9 reasons why voice broadcasting is best for customer surveys


Living in any country/region, you may be called at least once in your life. Although this is offensive, believe it or not, Cold call is still one of the most effective methods Means of generating sales. Even if the digital age has taken over, this ancient method still dominates.

Although the process of cold call is beneficial to the company, it is not a lot of people who answer the call. More often, the cold call is Intrusive and interrupts the recipient. Although the latter puts the best interests of the people at heart, this will lead to a poor impression of the company.

If you look at the other side of it, the company faces The cost of a mature cold call process is higher. It involves one person calling thousands of people himself and providing a customized response for everyone.

Based on their response, the caller may feel happy or disappointed, because many people do not fully welcome the caller. So, what is the next best way to minimize costs and maintain consistency among the same types of callers?

Yes, you guessed it! Voice broadcast. The recorded messages you may hear on many calls are one of the best tools for cold calling companies. You can record a message for a specific event and broadcast it to multiple users at the same time using voice broadcasting software. You can then send this message without any additional management or labor to process it.

The benefits of voice broadcasting for customer surveys

apart from The obvious benefits of voice broadcasting, It also has other services related to it. Some of the biggest reasons customer-facing companies should adopt it are:

1. Simplify the process

The traditional cold call step involves the mundane and time-consuming steps of making a phone call, talking with a customer, and then establishing a potential customer. However, with voice broadcasting, you can reduce the time spent. It will not try to generate clues through hooks or crooks, it will automatically put you in the middle ground-between yes or no.

2. No need for big settings (low cost)

In addition to the cold call time and the complicated process, the setup itself is a considerable cost. People, machines and response scripts. All of this requires time, money and resources. Using voice broadcast, you can delete all of them. Just log in to the platform, upload the recorded message, and then send it to your target audience. It’s as simple as 1-2-3.

3. Reach a wider audience

Although it is impossible to reach everyone in the target audience, the next best method is email. However, even today, in terms of demographics, most people still cannot access the Internet. Or they are visually impaired or illiterate at all. So this is another wasted effort.

Reach a wider audience through voice broadcasting

Using voice broadcast is a more popular way to reach the target audience. In the current situation, everyone has a mobile phone. By taking advantage of this and using the local language, you can easily expand your reach without fussing.

4. Centralized and results-driven analysis

After the investigation is completed, the most critical part is the analysis result. This will show how successful you are in your campaign in real time. Although it is easy to view a pie chart of things, looking at 10,000 pie charts does not help.

In contrast, with a centralized voice broadcast system, you can view all the metrics for a specific message in one place. This will include details such as call time, call duration, response, and eventual success rate.

5. Automate and reduce human error

One of the greatest booms in the digital age is automation. This happens because when humans are exhausted, factors such as fatigue, inaccuracy and loss of precision will appear. On the other hand, machines and systems will not suffer from this problem as quickly as humans.

Voice broadcast and its use in customer surveys

The automatic voice broadcast service caters to the same advantages. This is a computerized cold calling process. Therefore, the margin for human error can be eliminated seamlessly. Using a fully modulated voice mode, or even hiring professional voice actors, you can build a broadcasting system well without any errors.

6. Huge personalization and countless modifications

Each customer is unique, and each target group caters to different emotions. However, using a call representative to perform all the special characters can become tedious for employees and you. Therefore, you might consider adding more people for different activities, that is, increasing costs.

On the contrary, with voice broadcasting software, you can record your message in various languages ​​and dialects according to your audience. Then, if you want to connect with your audience on a deeper level, you can even make slight changes to it later. Increased convenience, excessive personalization, and countless modifications have all formed a voice broadcast system.

Increase productivity through voice broadcast

7. Improve employee performance and productivity

Morale improves when you remove trivial tasks from your employees, such as making thousands of calls and tracing every clue. This will clean up their schedules to do more productive and impactful work, and then push them towards success.

By using and understanding the voice broadcasting system and software correctly, your employees can quickly narrow down the scope and find ways to cause the decline. This will increase their productivity, reduce indirect costs, and prioritize their activities.

8. Increased convenience for customers

It is undeniable that cold calling is an intrusive process for customers. Because of this, their tone and behavior tend to get worse. And this situation must be dealt with by an employee who is powerless in this situation.

The advantage of voice broadcasting is that it provides customers with a choice-whether they want to listen to the call and respond or disconnect it. Although the process is still invasive, they don’t have to deal with people because of it. Whether they are interested or not, all they have to do is press a button on the device. Or simply put, they can even disconnect the call.

9. Improve communication

It is often said that written words sometimes ignore emotions. When it comes to customer surveys, even the most detailed and emotional emails may end up in the junk folder. Although the pen is stronger than the sword, but the voice is not exhausted.

Voice broadcast can transform this sentiment into information that you want your customers to understand. In addition, it can establish contact with them and even reinforce the ideas you want to convey through the event. It can even establish a stronger connection between the company and the customer.


With these benefits, you can use a smaller risk factor to manipulate your weight scale.If you want to learn about all the other benefits that voice broadcasting can bring to your business, check out CallHippo’s voice broadcast system.

Call hippo If you want your customers to “reach everyone in the target audience” and “express their concerns” in the right way, then it provides you with the best platform. Using their best voice broadcast service will reduce boundaries, open new doors, and quickly track the success rate of your customer survey activities!

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