9 Ways To Fix Google At A Glance Widget Not Working


Irritated by “Google At a Glance widget not working” on your Android device? Eager to fix this issue? If it is so then continue reading this article. Here you will get the top 9 solutions to troubleshoot this issue in a hassle-free manner.

In order to fix Google at a glance widget not showing problem, you can restart your device, remove and again add the widget, clear cache data of the Google app, and reset app preferences.

However, if you want an instant solution then you can go for the best Android Repair Tool.

Before proceeding towards the fixes, let’s know something more about Google At a Glance widget in detail…

About At A Glance Widget

At a Glance widget is introduced as the outstanding feature for a Pixel Launcher on smartphones. It is a simple but very advantageous widget for receiving significant information instantly without opening any applications.

But sometimes, due to some unforeseen reasons, the widget stops working on Android. Therefore, if At A Glance widget does not work properly for you too then you must be looking for how to fix Google at a glance widget not showing weather.

If it is so, just scroll down this page & find the best fixes to resolve not working Google At A Glance widget Samsung/Android effortlessly.

How To Fix Google At A Glance Widget Not Working?

Try out the below methods to deal with “At a glance widget not showing” issue on Android.

Fix 1: Best Software To Resolve Google At A Glance Widget Not Working

If you want an instant and risk-free way to fix this issue then I would like to suggest you to go with the Android Repair tool.

It is professional software that has the capability to repair several errors & issues related to Android like boot loop issues, screen flickering, Android system crash and other Android issues including Google At a Glance widget not showing calendar.

The best part about this versatile utility is that- you can operate it even without having any technical knowledge and without losing data.

Hurry up! Simply Download & Install Android Repair on your device and fix the issue mentioned here in a single click.

Follow the easy steps on how you can use this software.

Fix 2: Restart Your Android Phone

Rebooting the smartphone is the basic trick that users are often performing when they face any minor/major issues in their Android.

Therefore, if the Google at a glance widget not working then you should also try to restart your mobile once. To do so, keep pressing & holding a Power key until and unless the Restart/Reboot option seems on your phone’s screen.

After that, you need to tap on a Restart button.


Fix 3: Re-Add The Widget

Removing and adding the widget again is another effective method that helps to fix different issues with any widget. So, here I would also like to recommend you to remove a widget & re-add it.

For this, you need to touch & hold At a Glance widget till you see few options. Then, click on a Remove icon or button.

Re-Add The Widget

After doing so, you have to re-add the widget by touching & holding any vacant space on a home screen. Here, hit on Widget option then click on a Google >> At a Glance. However, some launchers might require holding a widget & drag it to your phone’s home screen.

Google at a glance option

Fix 4: Clear Cache & Data

Since a Glance widget is a part of a Google application, you’ll have to clear cache files for your Google app. Here are easy steps that you can try to clear cache files for Google app and fix this problem:

Step 1: Open Settings >> go to the App Manager or Apps and Notifications.

Step 2: In All apps, make a tap on Google.

Google app

Step 3: Then, click on Storage & cache followed via Clear cache.

Clear Cache & Data

Step 4: At this time, tap on the Clear Data option.

Clear Cache & Data

Step 5: Restart your smartphone. This should resolve the widget.

Please Note: Clear cache files will not remove your personal stuff. Nevertheless, it’ll reset the Google application settings to their default values.

If a problem persists, then try the next solution.

Fix 5: Uninstall The Google Application Updates

Another solution that you could try to solve Google at a glance widget not showing weather is to uninstall recent updates of the app.

Though, Google application is a preinstalled application on Android phones that is why you can’t uninstall it. However, you can uninstall recent updates.

Here is how you can do so:

  • First of all, go to the Settings and then Apps >> Google
  • On a Google application screen, make a tap on 3 dot icon which you can see at a top
  • Choose the Uninstall updates.
  • After this, restart your mobile phone.

Fix 6: Grant the Necessary Permissions

Sometimes, it may happen that At a Glance widget does not show weather information or calendar. In such a situation, you need to check and make sure it has a needed permission. To do so, you have to attempt the below instructions and Google At a Glance widget not working:

Step 1: Go to a Settings app on your device >> Apps and then click on the Google.

Step 2: Click on the Permissions. Ensure that an app has Calendar & Location permissions allowed.


Fix 7: Remove The Second Account

If you’ve granted family privileges to another Google Account and due to which weather information & calendar is missing from a widget then evoke the household privileges from a second account in the Google app.

Fix 8: Try a Different Launcher

Generally, at a Glance widget is working with almost all the Android launchers. Consequently, you can go to your Google Play Store and download different launchers to use it.

Even after doing so, the problem persists, then try the next solution and fix Google At a Glance widget Samsung won’t work issue.

Fix 9: Reset App Preferences

Last but not the least, if none of the above solutions works, then the last option left for you that is reset app preferences. Executing this method will regain all the settings, including network, location, etc., to the default values.

For this, just go to a Settings app followed by the General management. After this, you have to click on a Reset option followed by the Reset all settings or Reset app preferences (vary with different Android brands).

Alternatively, you can go to a Settings and then App. Under All Apps, you need to click on 3 dots icon >> choose Reset an app preference.

Reset app preferences

The process is completed…!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Why Is My At A Glance Widget Not Working?

Well, your Google At a glance widget might not working due to one of the following reasons:

  • Necessary permissions not granted
  • Cache data or files of Google app
  • Because of second account added in the Google app.

How Do I Fix Glance Weather Not Showing?

Check out the below fixes to repair At a Glance widget not working issue on Android:

  • Reboot your mobile.
  • Try the Different Launcher.
  • Remove & Add Widget Again.
  • Clear The Cache & Data.
  • Uninstall The Latest Google Application Updates.
  • Allow Necessary Permissions.
  • Reset A App Preference.
  • Eliminate Secondary Account.

How Do I Get Google At A Glance Widget?

In order to get Google At a Glance widget, you have to open the preferences simply by pressing on a widget for some time. Otherwise, you can go to a Home Settings and then At A Glance option on your phone.

How Do You Customize A Glance Widget?

For customizing At a Glance, just long-press the widget then click on Preferences, that can be also open from the Assistant Settings and then Personalization.

To Wrap Up

So, if you are encountering Google at a glance widget not showing on Pixel 2 XL or Pixel 2, then you must try the above-listed methods.

These potential ways will definitely help you to get rid of Google At a Glance widget Samsung not working issue.

Apart from that, if you’re encountering any other Android-related error/issue, feel free to contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

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