A Complete Guide On Starting A Virtual Call Center


Every business owner wants to see their employees happy. Remote work (or ‘work from home’ as we call it) helps employees strike a work-life balance. It makes their lives better. If you are running a call center business, going remote is very easy. Understanding everything about cloud call center software is the first step in this direction.

A good cloud call center software can help you set up a virtual call center. After reading this blog, you can get started with the process right away. Even if you do not understand something, there are experts who can help you. Before reading any further, you may also read about how T-Mobile set up a digital workforce of 12,000 employees.

What is a virtual call center?

As the name suggests, a virtual call center is like a digital workstation. Such a call center does have an on-site office. But the customer support executives and sales team operate remotely. They may be working from their home or from anywhere they find a reliable internet connection. 

Cloud technology has made the idea of working from home a reality. The technology allows you to set up a virtual call center for inbound calls and outbound calls. Your team can serve customers across the globe regardless of their geographical time zone. For example, check out the snapshot of CallHippo’s dashboard below to get a better idea.

A cloud call center software connects all sales and support representatives with their managers in real-time. Some of you may know such software by the name VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Call center software is better than the traditional PBX (Private Box Exchange) system in many ways. One of the benefits of using VoIP is having better call quality. 

We gave you a basic idea of what a virtual call center is. The next step is to understand the importance of using virtual systems and processes.

Importance of a virtual call center

A Gartner report says that over one-third of customer support representatives will work from home by 2023. Although COVID-19 is responsible for this trend, there are six other reasons why you should switch to a virtual call center:

1. Operate beyond business hours

As mentioned earlier, a virtual call center helps you connect with customers residing abroad. In other words, you can expand your business hours to help such customers as per their time zone. It increases your customer retention rate and brand loyalty. 

2. Better customer experience

Delivering good customer experience using virtual call center

A cloud-based call center software is not limited to making better voice calls. Most software can integrate with a CRM system, such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and many others. The system automatically syncs customer data and gives you valuable insights. 

For your information, CallHippo readily integrates with many top business apps. Check out the image below.

3.Lower employee turnover rate

Employee turnover rate refers to the number of existing employees getting replaced with new ones. Do not worry about it from a mathematical perspective. However, you should know that a higher number is not good. 

In the present day, most people love working from home. If your employees get a good work atmosphere, they will not resign from your virtual call center anytime soon. A virtual call center reduces the employee turnover rate and the costs associated with training new employees frequently.

4. Access to a better talent pool

Apart from retaining employees for a long time, you can recruit good people from other locations. In fact, you can onboard people from a specific region to serve a purpose. For example, let us assume that English is the native language of most of your customers. You can recruit qualified people from English-speaking countries like the USA or UK to communicate with such customers.

5. Easy management and collaboration

Supervisors can listen to the calls made by their team and also view the call activity on a live feed. A top call center tools can open up multiple communication channels for easy collaboration. Omni-channel communication provides many ways for your team to collaborate on tasks remotely.

6. Lower overhead costs

Low overhead costs in virtual call center

Everything happens in the cloud. Your software vendor will maintain the system for you. So you can easily save on the costs associated with the physical workspace, equipment, electricity, etc.

How to start a virtual call center

It is the most awaited section of the blog. There are six things you need to get right before starting a virtual call center:

1. Purpose of your virtual call center

Decide if you want to offer sales or customer support service from your call center. You can also set up a combination of both services.

2. Software integrations with other business apps

A VoIP system is not enough for your virtual call center. Integrations with other well-known apps are necessary to support your call center operations. Some top virtual call center software providers have their app marketplace where you can buy such integrations. Leverage such services to get the best out of your cloud call center software.

3. Automated and streamlined workflows

Running a modern business is all about setting up the correct systems and processes. Automate most of your routine workflows using cloud software. Design the workflows to suit the purpose of your call center. For example, you can set up an automatic ticket assignment system for a customer support call center. It helps resolve your customers’ problems faster as compared to a manual system.

4. Necessary equipment and accessories

Buy good quality equipment for your call center agents. If you compromise on quality, it is your loss. Equipment downtime will delay sales and customer support, thus leaving your customers unhappy. 

All you need to invest in is the latest laptop and a headset. Your agents can manage the internet connection from their end. If you have a bigger budget, you can offer to pay the internet bills every month. By doing so, you will come across as a good employer.

5. Employee onboarding and training

Design a detailed onboarding protocol and training program for all new call center representatives. Hire experts to train them thoroughly. Even virtual call center software can be used for training programs as it provides exceptional training to your employees in a unique way.

6. Evaluation of team performance

Use analytics to decide on the metrics and KPIs of your Quality Control (QC) department. It helps you monitor and track your agents’ performance easily.

Evaluate every call center representatives’ performance every quarter. The evaluation metrics should be reasonable to achieve. Reward the representatives who have met the goals and encourage others to perform well next time.

How to introduce the cloud call center software in your business

The complex onboarding process of modern software makes you hesitate about its implementation in business. But cloud call center software is not difficult to implement. Some vendors can get you started in a few minutes!

Generally, you have to follow seven steps to onboard your virtual call center software:

  1. Understand your virtual call center software’s dashboard.
  2. Specify your virtual phone numbers so that the vendor can create them for you the first time. After that, you can do this yourself.
  3. Create profiles of teams and users, and give them their login credentials.
  4. Set up the analytics as required.
  5. Understand how to monitor the call center activity feed.
  6. Set up the add-on features if you have purchased any of them.
  7. Activate integrations with other software and get access to a single source of data from your dashboard.

Quick reference checklist to start a virtual call center

You know what it takes to start working on a virtual call center. We have designed a checklist for your convenience. Checklist the items one by one, and you should get started with your software.

Checklist for starting a virtual call center

A Final Word

Starting a virtual call center is easy if you are aware of the entire process. But make such decisions at the right time so that you are ahead in the competition.

Leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments section below. We will be happy to hear from you.

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