Asus Phone Data Recovery – Retrieve Deleted/Lost Images, Videos, Files, SMS from Asus Phones/Tablets


Summary – Have you accidentally deleted your important files like images, contacts, SMS, or any other data from your Asus phone/tablet? Don’t worry, use manual or automatic Asus phone data recovery methods to get back your lost data on your device.

Asus is a renowned brand that manufactures different types of electronics devices including smartphones and tablets. Asus Android phones and tablets come with amazing features and specifications.

But just like any other phones/tablets, Asus users also face data loss on their devices. You can see one of the examples mentioned below:

Recovering contacts, sms, call history, etc from Zenfone 5 with broken screen

Hi All,

I dropped my Zenfone 5 the other day and the screen is broken. The phone gets powered on, but the display is totally gone. Screen keeps on flickering with lines and the touch does not work. I tried connecting an usb mouse using OTG to make selections. Although the usb mouse connected successfully, I was not able to make any selections as the screen is flickering too much and its very hard to figure out what I am clicking on.

I googled for solution and found some free tools that can be used for backup and recovery. However, for all the tools we need to have “usb debugging” enabled.
My problem is I do not have “usb debugging” enabled on my phone.

Is there any way I can enable “usb debugging” on my Zenfone 5 somehow?
I will be more grateful if someone can point to some method in which I can recover my contacts, sms, call history, etc without enabling the usb debugging.


– Original Post from ZenTalk – Asus

But the good news is that you can restore your deleted files from the Asus phone and tablet with the help of methods I am going to share with you in this article. Here, you will find both manual and automatic ways to recover deleted data from Asus Phones or tablets.

To Retrieve deleted files from Asus phone, we recommend this tool:

This effective tool will recover lost, deleted, inaccessible data from any data loss situations in no time. Now recover your lost and deleted data in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Download this Data Recovery Tool rated Excellent on
  2. Select the storage media you wish to recover data from and click on Scan.
  3. Preview the files before recovery and choose Recover option to restore deleted data from Android.

Reasons for Losing Data on Your Asus Phone

  • Low Battery: If your Asus phone is running out of battery, and you are trying to share or save the data, and suddenly your device gets shut down, then you will lose your data.
  • Forcefully changing data extension: If you are trying to change the extension of the data files forcefully, then the data file may get converted in the new extension, but you will lose all data.
  • Virus presence: We all know how the presence of a virus on a device can harm the data. So, if your Asus phone is infected with a virus or malware, then it may wipe out data from your device or can make you unable to access them.
  • Corrupted/damaged SD card: Due to a shortage of internal memory space, users often store data on the external SD card. But in the case, for some reason, the SD card gets corrupted or damaged, you will lose all data saved on the SD card.
  • Accidentally deleted data: Technical faults are not always the reason for losing data. Deleting data accidentally or unintentionally while operating your phone can also be a reason.
  • System Failure: Sudden system failure may also remove the data from your Asus phone.
  • Factory Reset: Though factory reset is known as a useful method for resolving various Android phone issues, sometimes doing this can cause data loss on your phone.
  • Physical damage to the phone: If your phone is physically damaged or broken, then also you will lose your data.
  • Faulty apps: A faulty app is equally responsible for data loss on the Asus phone as its corrupted component can make the entire device corrupted.

Can I Recover Deleted Data from Asus Phone?

If you have accidentally deleted your data from the phone, then it’s quite obvious to question whether you can recover the deleted data from an Android phone or not.

So, relax, you still have a pretty chance to retrieve the lost data from the Asus phone and tablet. When you accidentally delete the photos and videos saved on your phone and tap on the “delete” option, it does not mean your photos, videos, and other data are gone forever.

Only the part where the data is stored marked as unable for rewriting, and your data becomes invisible. However, you have a chance to get back lost data before overwriting.

So, if you are also in the same situation, then don’t panic and follow the below-given tricks for Asus phone data recovery.

Recommended Solution: Best Tool for Asus Phone Data Recovery Without any Backup

In order to recover deleted or lost data on the Asus phone, you can use the Android Data Recovery software, which is designed to retrieve erased/missing files from any Asus Phone/Tablet.

It is the easiest and guaranteed way to recover the data from Android devices. No matter what are the reasons behind the loss of data, this Asus phone data recovery tool is capable of retrieving all types of files such as WhatsApp, text messages, calls history, contacts, photos, videos, audio files, document files, notes, and many other files from any Android phone and tablets.


Note: It is recommended that you download and use the software on your Desktop or Laptop. Recovery of phone data on the phone itself is risky as you may end up losing all your precious information because of data overwriting.

The best thing about this tool is that it can solve Asus phone data recovery issues and recover data from the device’s internal and external memory as well.

You can download Android Data Recovery Tool for free to retrieve lost, deleted, missing, or erased files from Android smartphones and Tab. To know how this tool works, follow this guide.

Recover Deleted Data from Asus Phone/Tablet Using the Backup

Method 1: Use Backup to Get Back Deleted Data

If you have a backup of your phone, then you don’t need to follow any other method mentioned in this guide as you already have your data backed up in another location.

Simply, go to the location where you have backed up your device’s data > copy all of them > transfer data to your Asus phone.

Method 2: Restore Deleted Data Using ASUS WebStorage

Asus users have an amazing feature that they can use to recover data on the Asus phone/tablet. Here, I am talking about the ASUS WebStorage app. Using this app you can easily recover the deleted data on your smartphone.

ASUS WebStorage is a Cloud Storage Service that comes with an Asus phone. It allows users to backup data, sync files between devices & share data with friends.

Asus webstorage gives 5GB of storage space where you can backup all kinds of files, such as images, videos, etc., and it syncs data automatically so that whenever you lost data,  using this app can recover all files on your phone.

Method 3: Use Google Drive to Retrieve Deleted Files From Asus Phone

Using Googe Drive is one of the best for Asus phone/tablet data recovery. All smartphone comes with preinstalled Google Drive app and while setting up an Android device using your Google account, you also get connected to the Google Drive.

But simply having Google Drive and being connected to this app is not enough, you need to enable the sync option of Google Drive in order to automatically back up your phone data.

So, if you have enabled the sync option and have a backup of data on Google Drive, then you can easily recover deleted files on the Asus phone/tablet.

Hence, if you lost your data and want to recover it via Google Drive, then you must go through the below-given instructions:

  • First, launch the browser on your phone and go to this link to open the Google Drive app:
  • Now, you must get a list of data, select the files you want to restore. You can also use the search box to find the file you wish to restore
  • Finally, after selecting the files, click on the Download button to restore the files on your phone.

Method 4: Retrieve Lost Asus Phone Text Messages

There are several methods of recovering the lost text messages on the Asus phone. If you have a backup of the text messages, then use it to restore the messages.

Another best way to recover the deleted text messages on the Asus phone is using the cell phone carriers. For this, you need to contact the carriers and they will help you to get back the missing SMS as they have all the details, such as ID address, messages, call logs, etc.

Or, you can use the Android SMS recovery methods to find out more ways to restore the deleted text messages on Asus phones.

Method 5: Restore Deleted Contacts on Asus Phones

If you have lost or accidentally deleted contacts on your Asus phone and now wondering how to get them back, then there is still a possibility to recover them.

Though there are several methods of recovering lost contacts on the Asus phone, the easiest method is using Google Contacts. If you have backed up all the contacts on Google Contacts, then they can be retrieved easily.

You can easily get back contacts from Google Contacts if you have enabled the Sync option. Follow these steps to recover contacts from the Google Contacts:

  • Go to Google Contacts and sign in with the Google account you used to set up your phone.
  • Then, tap on the More option given at the left panel of the screen.
  • Choose the Undo changes.
  • Now, a message will pop up. Here, tap on the Confirm.
  • Next, tap on the Accounts > Google.
  • Lastly, click on the Restore contacts and restore all the contacts.

Apart from this, there are other ways too to recover contacts from Asus phones. For this, check out this guide: Android Contacts Recovery.

Method 6: Recover Deleted Photos from an Asus Phone/Tablet

Among all various methods, the best method of recovering photos on Asus phone is to use Google Photos. All Android devices come with the Google Photos app which allows you to backup the images on the cloud storage.

It gives 15 GB of free storage space and allows you to store photos for up to 60 days. However, to back up the photos you must enable the Sync option on Google Photos.

To restore the photos from the Google Photos app, follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Photos app on your phone.
  • Next, tap on the three horizontal lines and tap on the Trash.
  • Go to the Recycle Bin.
  • Now, select the photos you want to restore.
  • Tap on the Restore button to get back the lost photos on the Asus phone.

To find out other ways to recover deleted photos from Asus phones/tablets, follow this article: Android Photo Recovery.

Method 7: Recover Deleted Data from the Asus Phone SD Card

Due to the limited storage space on smartphones, users use the SD card is to expand the storage space and store data on it. Sometimes, users intentionally or unintentionally erased the data from SD cards.

So, if you have also erased the data and now thinking of getting them back, then there are several methods of doing so. If you have a backup of your SD card data, then you can use it to get them back on your device.

However, if you don’t have a backup, then you can check out the other Android SD Card Recovery methods.

Tips to Remember: Avoid Data Loss on Asus Phone or Tablet

Though data loss can happen anytime due to several reasons on your phone, there are few things you can do to avoid this situation:

  • Never remove memory cards from Android device when it is in use.
  • Do not click photos or record video while your Smartphone battery is low.
  • Never mishandle your Android SD card. Always safely remove the card before ejecting it from its slot.
  • Never connect your Android device to infected PC or devices or take infected files from others to avoid virus infection.
  • Regularly backup your important data from your Android phone/tab to your computer or any other storage device.
  • Install a trusted security application to protect your Android device from the virus/malware.
  • Before deleting unwanted files or formatting Android memory card check twice or thrice and then proceed further.
  • To prevent accidental deletion of formatting, make use of the memory card feature “Write Protect”. There are several apps available on the internet that will offer the write-protect feature to the memory card.


There are several reasons for losing data on the phone and it can happen anytime on your device. However, regardless of causes, you can use the above given effective Asus phone data recovery ways to retrieve deleted data from Asus phones or tablets.

Here, I have mentioned both automatic and manual solutions to recover Asus phone data, so that you can choose the option according to your convenience. You can go with any of the options as it will help you to retrieve your lost data.

With the end of this article, I hope it helped you in resolving all your issues. If you still have any queries, then ask us on Facebook or Twitter.

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