Best Virtual Phone Number Providers in the United Kingdom


Virtual telephony is one of the best and highly reputed advancements for contact centers. The VoIP service industry is set to reach 194.5 billion US dollars value by 2024. Small, medium and big businesses are betting on this cloud-based technology to attract customers and serve them the best possible way.

Virtual telephony helps new players and new market entries earn profits in a limited time. Virtual telephony or VoIP services successfully pass the loopholes in traditional business telephony.

The United Kingdom is an excellent place for any service industry. It has many states that are the perfect example of diversified socio-economic and cultural powers. Any business seeking to enter UK markets can’t ignore the power of virtual phone numbers.

However, looking at the options available in United Kingdom phone numbers, it is easy to get confused in selecting the best virtual phone number service provider.

Top Virtual Phone Number Providers in the UK

The top and best virtual phone number providers in the UK 2021 are:

1. CallHippo

CallHippo is the top favorite virtual phone number provider in the UK. It is a US-based company that provides virtual telephony at different locations across the globe. It is a distinguished virtual phone number service provider that any other companies due to certain features. It offers a power dialer for quick calling, global connect for maintaining different time zones, and a smart switch to improve call connectivity and reduce network issues.

Businesses can enjoy a free number for each user, voicemail, call forwarding, skill-based call routing, and call queue with every purchase of a UK phone number from CallHippo.

Benefits of CallHippo:

  • There are options for mobile and desktop applications.
  • It has one of the largest inventories of phone numbers that are limited to UK phone numbers.
  • It provides robust telephony solutions for start-up, small, medium, and big enterprises.

CallHippo Pricing Plans:

The pricing plans of CallHippo are carefully designed to cater to a broad audience according to their business requirements. UK toll-free numbers come with four different pricing plans that include:


AVOXI is another excellent option for businesses to buy a virtual United Kingdom phone number. It is a US-based company that provides multiple options like national numbers, local numbers, and toll-free numbers for different businesses. 

The best features of AVOXI services include easy call forwarding of inbound calls through SIP, software, or VoIP. The company offers quick activating phone numbers. All AVOXI services are linked with more than 20 tools and capabilities that improve any business’s calling capabilities and performance.

The specialized features like intelligent routing, call reporting, and analytics improve customer experience and agents’ performance. All AVOXI services are equipped with IVR, skill and time-based call routing, auto-attendant, etc.

Benefits of AVOXI:

  • The different plans of AVOXI are equipped with outstanding features that are suitable for any business looking to improve its customer service or sales department.
  • AVOXI offers different benefits like complimentary payments if any business ports their existing UK virtual number to AVOXI.
  • It doesn’t charge any set-up fees or add-on costs for standard features.
  • It is an affordable option for the cheap call rates in medium and large enterprises.

AVOXI Pricing Plans:

The pricing plans of AVOXI come in six different plans. All these plans provide transparent information about the number of minutes received, excess call rates, and monthly service prices.

UK virtual phone number providers

3. Virtual Landline

Virtual Landline is an England-based telephony provider that provides multiple options in UK virtual phone numbers. It diverts incoming calls to virtual UK geographical and national numbers for small, medium, and large enterprises. Virtual Landline offers voice add-on services with all plans. It also provides a virtual receptionist feature.

All services of Virtual Landline come with an outbound call app that gives flexibility to all business agents to call while working from remote. The buzz box feature of Virtual Landline provides in-house conversion of any existing landline into a virtual phone number.  In addition to all these services, it offers VoIP desk phones.

Benefits of Virtual Landline:

  • There are options to use mobile apps.
  • It offers unlimited calling plans for inbound and outbound calling options.
  • It has an excellent customer service team that is highly rated by businesses across the globe.
  • It provides seamless conversion of any landline phone into a UK virtual number.

Virtual Landline Pricing Plans:

The pricing plans of Virtual Landline are available in four different options. These entire plans are ideal for making inbound and outbound calls for any mid-call volume company. All these plans come with standard industry features and exclusive plan-based features.

4. Telecoms World 

Telecoms World is an England-based virtual telephony provider. It offers virtual United Kingdom phone numbers. The additional call-enhancing features strengthen the virtual telephony for all small, medium, and big businesses. It offers easy-to-buy and quickly activated virtual telephony numbers. 

All Telecoms World virtual phone numbers come with robust features like call queuing, IVR, call routing, etc. Businesses can go for additional Telecoms World virtual phone number services like conferencing, phone systems, internet-based services, and call analytics.

Benefits of Telecoms World:

  • The services from Telecom World come at different discounted rates.
  • The 2,000-minute plan is one of the best sellers of the Telecom World that is a highly rated plan in virtual telephony.
  • It provides a broad spectrum of virtual telephony under one umbrella.

Telecoms World Pricing Plans:

The pricing plans of Telecoms World come in four different pricing plans. All these plans are ideal for any business that is looking for 2,000 minutes each month. The long-term pricing plans are suitable for big enterprises. All these plans come with the highest call rate.

5. Numbergroup 

Numbergroup is an England-based UK virtual phone number. It is ideal for high call volume call centers. All the virtual phone numbers from Numbergroup are equipped with industry-standard call features and additional features like 24*7 free support, SMS bulk messaging, business energy and SIP trunking, etc. The business energy features include electricity and gas rates for businesses.

Benefits of Numbergroup:

  • It works on the daily rate plans ideal for the businesses operating during certain days in a week.
  • All the UK customers of Numbergroup are eligible for cheaper energy rates than other virtual telephony service providers.
  • It provides an SMS platform for all businesses.

Numbergroup Pricing Plans:

The pricing plans of Numbergroup are available in three different options. These plans come with a set-up fee and offer large amounts of talk time. All these plans are calculated daily rather than monthly or weekly. Numbergroup offers SMS solutions that allow businesses to interact with customers using text. 

Wrapping Up:

Many companies are looking for a virtual phone number UK with remote working as the new normal amid the covid-19 pandemic. Buying a local UK number can bring the best competitive edge for any business.

CallHippo is the best option if your company wants to attract some UK clients out of all the available options. The requirements of a UK-based number are high after Brexit, and many companies are using the best virtual telephony services for their sales and customer service.

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