CallHippo Release Note : SP32


Operational excellence is CallHippo’s main philosophy! That’s why we are back again with our exciting monthly update.

With new user roles and the ability to transfer calls to teams, our new features promise to deliver a seamless experience and will enhance your calling journey.

Do you want to know more?

Dive in and check out what’s new with CallHippo. 

A Great New Feature – User Roles

As you know, the existing system allowed admins and existing users to invite new people to use CallHippo. Our amazing new feature enables you to assign roles to any user!

If you have an account in CallHippo, you will be able to create multiple users with admin rights, and they will be able to form their teams by inviting more people. This enables organizations to develop a role-based team structure based on a hierarchy that consists of a super-admin, admin, project managers, and users.

Do you know the main benefit of this feature? Well, for starters, if you are managing multiple teams, they will have separate access to the system through one single account! You can allocate different rights and privileges depending on the user’s role; hence certain users may be allowed only to view data while admins may be allowed to edit or modify data.

Another major advantage of creating user roles is data privacy – it makes sure that any other team members will not be able to view or access your data. Hence, teams can function in separate silos under the same account without worries of sensitive data being shared across multiple teams.

Transfer Calls To Team

Previously, in CallHippo, we could transfer calls to another colleague user or an external person. However, with our latest improvement, you can now transfer calls to any team easily with the click of a button!

The call transfer will work according to the team cascading order – it can be simultaneously or in a fixed order or according to the round-robin system. This is an innovative new feature that can drive efficiency in routine business communication instantly!

Can’t wait to try the new features and system improvements? 

Make sure to stay in touch to receive more such interesting news. Our sincere endeavor is to provide you the best VoIP calling solutions that cater to unique business needs and boost bottom-line results!

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