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We at CallHippo are back with our monthly update to highlight the latest functionalities!

With dummy data in the call tracking dashboard, new integrations, voice broadcast, and five people in call conference, our exciting new features promise to deliver the best quality.

Without any further delay, let us have a look at the latest developments. 

1. Up To 5 People In Conference Call

Conference calls are the fastest way to bring people together; however it is difficult to get enough callers to join a call. CallHippo can help you overcome this problem by having five people on a single conference call!

One of CallHippo’s most popular features – conference call now allows five callers instead of three callers as previously. This means that more people from your organization can now attend conference calls and collaborate on work projects seamlessly.

2. Dummy Data In Call Tracking Dashboard:

It is often difficult to navigate a new system with no call data. If a new user logs in CallHippo and doesn’t have any call activity, they can now view dummy call data in the call tracking dashboard. 

With the dummy data, new users can get an in-depth understanding of the CallHippo system and get to know the features much better. This feature enhances the user-friendliness of our platform and makes it easy to get started!

3. Sound Notification When Call Ends:

A small but significant improvement, CallHippo now gives a small audio beep or sound when the destination call is disconnected. This allows you to know that the caller is no longer on time and provides an instant notification. 

4. Option To Change Email After Google Signup:

Previously, if users had signed up on CallHippo through Google, they could not change their email address. This could often be a problem in case you switch to a new email address.

CallHippo now provides users with the option to change their email address once they sign up through Google. So no worries – just enter your new email address to remain connected and receive our updates!

5. Voice Broadcast:

We are now taking a giant leap forward with our voice broadcasting. Not only can you play pre-recorded messages for your clients, but also have them call you back instantly with the click of a single button!

Now your customers can get in touch with call representatives without any delay and increase bottom-line results.

6. Integrations With EngageBay And Klaus:

CallHippo is proud to announce integrations with EngageBay and Klaus. EngageBay is a leading CRM provider and users can now automatically sync contact data to save time. This enables you to maintain an updated sales, marketing, and customer support database in a unified place, without any hassles!

CallHippo’s new integration with Klaus will allow users to enhance customer quality feedback through automatic data transfer and synchronization – highly useful and productive!

Exciting updates, right? Stay in touch for more updates and support our endeavor to provide you with the best VoIP solutions!

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