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At CallHippo, we strive to deliver a delightful user experience through advanced features, round-the-clock support, and excellent reporting capabilities.

With this philosophy in mind, we ensure to improve our features, add system modifications, and implement the valued feedback of our customers. 

With exciting new features such as moving to the lead screen details in Zoho with a single click to and a collapsible left menu in the web-based application, we promise to deliver apex quality. 

We endeavor to provide you a smooth calling journey and meet all your business communication requirements. So let’s dive deep in and check out what’s new with CallHippo.

Move To Lead Detail Screen In Zoho With A Single Click:

One of the biggest challenges for call agents is to provide personalized service to clients without any details or real-time information.

CallHippo now solves that problem! If you get an incoming call from any lead, you can instantly view their entire details on your screen. A single click enables you to view important details such as lead email address, previous call information, purchase history, and personal demographic data. 

This s highly useful as you can move to the lead detail screen and save plenty of time. It also provides your team members with all the information they need about prospects to deliver a personal touch to conversation and close more deals!

Improved User Interface:

A sharp and minimalistic interface ensures users enjoy a particular business app or website! CallHippo strives to provide a simple and intuitive user interface that delivers a great experience!

We have now redesigned our interface by providing a collapsible left menu in the web application. If you click on the menu, it instantly expands, thus increasing the navigability.

Exciting updates and improvements, right? 

Stay connected to receive current news on all the new features and system updates. We aim to provide you with excellent VoIP calling solutions to deliver an extraordinary user experience!

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