CISA addresses the increase in ransomware threatening OT assets


The agency has issued guidelines to respond to the increase in ransomware attacks affecting OT assets and control systems.

The Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security today released a fact sheet to address the increase in ransomware attacks targeting critical infrastructure and promote threats to operational technology (OT) assets and control systems .

OT components are usually connected to IT networks, providing attackers with a way to switch from IT to OT networks. Officials explained in their guidelines and pointed out that accessible OT assets are those designed to disrupt critical infrastructure for profit or Attractive goals for criminals who achieve other goals.

They wrote: “As the recent cyber incident has shown, even if an intrusion does not directly affect the OT network, an intrusion that affects the IT network can also affect key operational processes.” “All organizations are at risk of being targeted by ransomware attacks. , And bear the urgent responsibility of preventing ransomware threats.”

Organizations that own and operate critical infrastructure assets should be aware of these threats and voluntarily implement the outlined recommendations. These include identifying key processes that must provide basic services without interruption, and developing and testing workarounds or manual controls to ensure that key processes and the ICS network that supports them can be isolated and operated without IT network access when needed.

Officials also recommend implementing network segmentation between IT and OT networks. In addition, organizations should ensure that backup procedures are in place and regularly tested, and that backups are isolated from network connections, they wrote.

Read CISA’s full fact sheet for more details.

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