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Don’t look at it now, but GigaOm, an analytics company that enables smart companies to verify future decisions, is establishing new partnerships to expand its reach and better provide information to busy IT decision makers. On Thursday, the company announced that it will work with the CISO series to share content and better support the CISO, security practitioners, and security vendor community.

Ben Booker, founder and CEO of GigaOm, said: “The CISO series are something we have admired for a long time because their goals are very similar: they help security professionals become knowledgeable and understand that their roles are changing.” We see a clear common interest and are very happy to be able to work together. “

The CISO series of brands have built a strong reputation through their podcasts, blogs, video chats, and live events aimed at the safe community. It added the very popular “Internet Security Headlines” podcast to this year’s stable version, which also joined the “CISO/Security Vendor Relationship and Defense in Depth” podcast. Every Friday (Pacific Time) at 10 am, the CISO series of TV stations will host its weekly exciting and interesting live CISO series of live video chats. Viewers can register here.

Channel partnerships connect the two most powerful and fastest-growing brands in enterprise IT content production. The agreement allows the CISO series to share exclusive GigaOm reports with the audience before publication, and GigaOm can share insights with various publications of the CISO series through its social channels and newsletters. The CISO series joined other media companies, such as The Register and SDXCentral, and became the official channel partner of GigaOm.

“We are very happy to work with GigaOm because we are not only targeting the same audience, but we are all working hard to bring education and understanding to the community of security vendors and practitioners,” David Spark said. Executive producer of the CISO series. “GigaOm has provided some excellent reports, and we hope that these reports can be used for discussions and reports on all our programs.”

Spark continued: “We have been adjusting the program to provide the best and up-to-date resources. The quantity and quality delivered by GigaOm have left a deep impression on us. We are not only impressed by their editorial work but also by their commercial brand Profound. We are also very happy to be consistent with the CISO series of brands.”

Check the CISO series schedule at http://crowdcast.io/cisoseries, or visit cisoseries.com for more information about the CISO series and its weekly video chat.

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