How to call Germany from the United States?


Germany is located in the center of Europe, and there may be many reasons to visit the ninth most visited country in the world. It is a combination of ancient cities and modern regions.

Visiting Neuschwanstein Castle, Cologne Cathedral or Sanssouci Palace will fascinate you. Another popular attraction is the theme park resort, the Europa Park. Whether you want to taste food in the country’s 300 Michelin-starred restaurants, international and German cuisine are worth a try.

Not only tourism, Germany also provides a social market economy with its extensive SME business. As the unemployment rate ranks the fourth lowest in the entire European Union, it is the dream of many people to get some substantial profits from Germany.

Therefore, it is necessary to establish effective communication with Germany. How can you ignore the best way to call Germany to strengthen your German contacts?But call Germany from the U.S. It’s not that easy.

These are two different areas, so your calls are prone to excessively high billing charges. Whether it is a business call to confirm an appointment or a personal call to confirm a hotel reservation, if you do not arrange any cost-effective solution for this, the cost will surprise you.

Started making calls to Germany from the United States at low prices.

Step-by-step guide on how to call Germany from the U.S.

1) Fully digital telephone network

There is only one country code in Germany, which is +49. This was different from the beginning. Earlier, East Germany used +37 and West Germany used +49. Two years after the reunification of Germany, it was unified to +49.

Since 1997, Germany has fully digitized its telephone network. This allows more flexible use of the numbering space.

2) Dial German landline

If you call a German landline number with an exact geographic location:

  • Dial a two-, three-, or five-digit area code, and then a three- or nine-digit local number.

If you call a German landline phone from a German landline phone in another area:

  • Dial a two-, three-, or five-digit area code, and then a three- or nine-digit local number.

To dial a local (Germany) landline from a German mobile phone number:

  • Dial the area code and number directly from the German mobile phone number. There is no need to dial 49, which is a long distance call.

To dial a German mobile number from a German landline:

  • Do not use the area code to dial the mobile number. There is no need to use any prefixes in this case.

3) Dial a German mobile phone

Use one German mobile phone number to call another in Germany:

  • Just dial the number and area code.
  • There is no need to include 049 in the code.

To dial a German mobile number from an international country:

  • You must dial the German country code first, and then the area code. After the area code, you must enter the phone number.

Use a German phone number to call any number when traveling outside of Germany:

  • Dial the German international code +49, then the local code, then the phone number.

Dial from your non-German mobile number:

  • Dial “+49” followed by the country code, area code, and number.
  • Ignore the use of any other prefixes.

Therefore, these are different guides for entering and leaving Germany, but there are additional costs associated with them. Getting international calling facilities on your mobile phone is not enough.In this pursuit of low-cost calling, you can use Low cost business phone number Call Germany from the United States.

How to use the area code when calling Germany from the U.S.?

The area code is a two- to five-digit code, depending on the country/region, to help identify a specific telephone service area. There are about 30 area codes in Germany, from Aachen with area code 241 to Wuppertal with area code 202.The other different area codes are Germany is:

  • Aachen: 241
  • Augsburg: 821
  • Berlin: 30
  • Bielefeld: 521
  • Bochum: 234
  • Bonn: 228
  • Brandenburg: 3381
  • Bremen: 421
  • Chemnitz: 371
  • Dortmund: 231
  • Dresden: 351
  • Duisburg: 203
  • Dusseldorf: 211
  • Essen: 201
  • Frankfurt: 69
  • Gelsenkirchen: 209
  • Hamburg: 40
  • Hannover: 511
  • Karlsruhe: 721
  • Cologne: 221
  • Krefeld: 2151
  • Leipzig: 341
  • Mannheim: 621
  • Menz: 33082
  • Munich: 89
  • Munster: 6071
  • Nuremberg: 911
  • Stuttgart: 711
  • Wiesbaden: 611
  • Wuppertal: 202

Whenever you call Germany from the U.S., You must dial the U.S. exit code, followed by the German country code, area code, and phone number. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the area code of the location you are calling for business or personal reasons. It is best to consult the German area code dictionary to avoid dialing errors.

Save numbers in your German mobile phone directory

Your interaction with Germany is most helpful to you when you free yourself from the dialing process and save the phone directory number. Therefore, you can save the number in the following international dialing format:

(Country code) (area code) (number)

In this way, next time you want to make a call, go to your mobile phone directory to quickly complete it. You can use the 0 key on the dial pad of your smartphone to further add the “+” sign to any phone number.

Call a German mobile number from the U.S.

If you want to call a mobile number in Germany, you can use a landline in the United States. You can do this in the following ways:

You must dial 011 on your mobile phone to make international calls in Germany.

  • Enter the German country code, which is 49.
  • Delete the relay code.
  • Dial the mobile number.

When you have to call Germany from elsewhere, no relay code assistance is required in this process. You also need to add 1, which is the mobile phone code.

As mentioned earlier, you must choose from the area codes of the German location you want to dial.

After completing this process in the required format, you need to press the call button to call Germany from the United States.

How to make business calls from Germany to Germany from the United States?

You need to pay attention to making business calls from Germany to Germany from the United States, but its duration will take some time. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the business call process in Germany.

How to call Germany from the U.S. Keep it as it is. Therefore, once you understand the method, it is time to consider the duration, because the entire process is costly. Whether you are selling to some customers in Germany or inquiring about a company, you must consider its costs.

You must be prepared for all specific discussion points. Make sure you call these people on time. According to German guidelines, the office’s working hours are Monday to Thursday at 5 pm and Friday at 4 pm.

Since you cannot compromise on the length of business calls, it is necessary to find an economic way to call Germany from the United States.

How to reduce the cost of calling Germany regularly?

Enterprises are booming in follow-up. If you are located in the United States but want to enter the German market, you must establish a two-way communication system. In addition, no one wants to get services from companies that only need U.S. dollars to make inquiries.

Therefore, many companies suffer from the increased costs of calling Germany.with VoIP phone system, You can prefer to use the Internet for calling. Therefore, all you need is an established Internet connection to keep in touch with your customers.

In addition, have a Virtual phone number Solve the complexity of dialing. You can rent the same local area code as your business location. Customers will get an unprecedented local code guarantee to attract your business in an unprecedented way.

Therefore, both methods reduce the cost of regular calls to Germany. Dialing an international number has never been easy and cheap. As a result, you can use different technologies to get an aggressive budget while making your next critical business call.

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