How to Connect Toll-Free Numbers to Your VoIP Phone System?


In a world where most companies are competing primarily based on the customer experience, offering a toll-free number for business has become more important than ever. 

Toll-free numbers can help you grow your company over time. They help build trust and credibility with customers by allowing them to reach you for free 24/7. Plus, it is a way to thank customers for doing business with you as they’re most likely to call when they have issues with your product. 

However, if you already have a toll-free number and want to connect it to your VoIP phone system, this guide is for you. Apart from this, we will also discuss how to port your number to a different VoIP service provider. 

Let’s dig right in!

Set Up Call Forwarding for Your Virtual Toll-Free Number

Virtual phone numbers can be configured to forward calls to a different number. It will then redirect all your incoming calls to a number of your choice. 

To connect your virtual toll-free number with your VoIP phone system, visit the admin panel of your number and specify where the incoming calls should be redirected. Your callers won’t see the number you’re forwarding to, it’ll be a normal call for them. 

Depending on the features of your toll-free number, it might have advanced call forwarding capabilities. For instance, CallHippo offers a smart call forwarding facility in which you can forward calls based on the work-shift of employees, pre-set time, or conditions as per your requirement. 

When setting up toll-free call forwarding service for your business, don’t forget to include your country or city code (if any). This will help ensure all the calls reach the right phone. 

Porting Your Number In & Out of a VoIP

Another way to connect toll-free numbers to your VoIP phone system is by porting it to a different provider altogether. Leading VoIP providers like CallHippo allow you to keep your existing numbers when you use their system. 

This enables you to connect your toll-free number to your virtual phone system and enjoy its features. 

Here’s How To Connect Your Toll-Free Number With a VoIP System By Porting it:

  • Visit CallHippo and sign up for a business phone system. 
  • Port your toll-free number.
  • Add extensions to your employees. 
  • Choose the right plan for your requirements. 
  • Start receiving calls to your existing toll-free number. 

Wrapping Up

VoIP phone systems offer added features and functionalities to business communications. Toll-free number helps improve customer experience, improve agent productivity, and enhance agent efficiency. Follow the steps mentioned above to connect your toll-free number to your VoIP phone system. 

Do you have any questions or concerns related to connecting toll-free numbers to your VoIP phone system? Let us know in the comment section, and we will address them ASAP!

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