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How to import EML to Office 365 Manually

admin ❘  June 21st, 2021

If you are searching for the complete solution to import EML to Office 365. Then stay connected with this blog. Here, you will find the step-by-step guide of both manual and professional approaches to migrate EML messages to Office 365.

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EML is a standard file format for electronic mail or email. It is a file extension used for an electronic mail message that is saved in the Internet Message Format protocol. It is widely compatible with Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and other standard email programs. But, as technology explores itself, users are also switching towards more flexible platforms. That’s why many end-users want to import EML to Office 365 accounts.

On the other hand, Office 365 is one of the top-rated web cloud email clients. It has an integrated calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, and bookmarks right within your inbox. Now the question arises, why one can want to import EML to outlook 365. We have mentioned a few reasons for Import EML to o365 migration below.

Reasons to Import EML to Office 365

  • We all know that Office 365 is more trusted and valuable to the users as it is designed and developed by Microsoft.
  • It provides users safe and free email services management.
  • Allow users to access and work with their data anytime. It is exclusively designed for both professional and self-dependent users to help them in growing modern business.
  • Office 365 is a secure cloud storage email service, it facilitates sending and receiving email options to the users, and one can easily access Word, Powerpoint, and MS Excel online.
  • It organized all your attachments in one spot, which means no more hunting for files. Preview, share, upload to the cloud, or send it again.
  • Option of share drafts to get your email reviewed before you send it to others.

These are the different common reasons that insist users to import EML to Office 365. Now, check out the manual and automated approach to import Windows Live Mail EML files into Office 365.

Best Methods To Convert EML file to Office 365

In this part, you will find the step-by-step guide to convert EML files to Outlook 365. We have divided the approach into two steps for a better understanding of users. Firstly the manual method to import EML files to Outlook 365 and then the expert solution for migrating EML emails into Office 365 without losing any data.

Export EML files to Office 365 Manually

This section contains two parts: First of all, you have to import EML files into PST format and then import these PST files to Office 365. Follow the mentioned steps carefully:

Part 1: Import EML files into PST Format

Part 2: Import PST files into Office 365

  1. Run Office 365 on your PC and Sign with the required credentials.
  2. run office 365

  3. Now, move on to the Import page of Data governance and create a new job for uploading data into Office 365 storage path.
  4. Here, copy and save the network upload SAS URL.
  5. After saving the URL, download and install the Azure AzCopy tool and launch it.
  6. Now, use the command prompt to upload the PST (from a shared path) to Office 365 using the AzCopy Tool. (Moreover, you can also view your PST files using Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer).
  7. After that, create a CSV file that contains the details of mailboxes (in the Microsoft recommended format).
  8. Create a PST import Job to validate the CSV file.
  9. Finally, Import PST files into Office 365. Here, you can also filter PST files if necessary.

Import EML to Office 365 Using the Professional Utility

SysInfo EML Converter is a safe and secure utility to directly import EML files emails into Office 365 without any data lapse. It is exclusively designed with a highly advanced algorithm to export EML files to Outlook also like Gmail, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, HostGator, Amazon WorkMail, etc. Moreover, it also allows users to export EML files into various other file formats such as PST, PDF, EMLX, OST, etc.

Working Procedure of Software

  • Download and Install the SysInfo EML Converter.
  • Opt with the Single or Multiple Files Option to add EML files into the software.
  • Check the folders from the tree you want to import. In addition to that, you can also preview the attributes and attachments of a specific email. Click on the Next button.
  • Now, select Office 365 from the drop-down menu of Saves/Backup/Migrate As.
  • Sign In with the required credentials(Username and Third-Party App Password)
  • Select the different built-in features according to your need.
  • Then check the custom folder name option to define the name of the resultant folder.
  • Tap on the Convert button to begin the migration of EML files into Office 365.
  • Lastly, you can also save the log report of conversion.

Final Words

The above write-up is all about importing EML to Office 365 accounts. Here, considering the topic I have discussed the possible reasons for the migration with its manual approach. Sometimes, using the manual method, users find it difficult to Export EML files emails to Office 365, then for those users, I have recommended an expert utility.

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