How to use call automation and analysis to convert potential customers


This is a surprising statistic-call conversion 10-15 times More than just website clues!

The phone is important!

As a marketer, if you don’t track your phone calls, you may lose up to 80% of your conversions!

You need to stay ahead and measure all important indicators to improve the efficiency of the call center.track Agency performance Will go a long way in ensuring that your call center follows best market practices.

Monitoring real-time calls is not a one-time process. Companies need to use call analysis as part of their long-term business strategy. Want to know more?

Let’s get a deeper understanding and a clear understanding of how Call automation Can improve customer satisfaction and simplify all business communication processes.

Main highlights

  • Analysis is important-invest in telephone systems with automated tools.
  • Measure indicators to improve agent performance.
  • Analyze call parameters to understand what does not work and improve training efficiency.
  • Monitor IVR and voicemail metrics to personalize customer experience

What is call analysis and how it improves conversion rates

Call analysis is an advanced technology that uses artificial intelligence to store important data from inbound calls. It is a smart tool that allows you to measure the efficiency of your agents in potential customer conversions and the flow of incoming calls.

So how do you implement call analysis?

The first step is to invest in a credible Business phone system Equipped with call automation function. Here is how call analysis can help you improve all the key performance indicators of your call center:

1- Manage agent availability through smart routing

Your agent is the leader of call center operations!

Since call agents work in different shifts, it is difficult to ensure that they can answer customer calls. Call routing is an intelligent way to manage inbound calls and direct them to the most qualified call agent available.

Automatic call distribution Priority or skill-based routing are some common automation techniques used in modern call centers. They ensure that customers connect immediately without having to wait in long lines.

Call analysis also enables managers to view the real-time availability status of agents. Therefore, you can check which agents are on duty, listen to their calls, and see when they log in to track internal performance.

2- Ensure real-time call monitoring for effective feedback

66% of companies rely on call analysis to provide a better customer experience.

Most modern cloud-based business phone systems have top-notch performance Call monitoring Functions to improve operational efficiency. What do we mean by call monitoring?

Simply put, it is a process in which managers listen to agent calls in real time and provide instant feedback to improve performance. It includes the following technologies:

  • Call monitoring: The manager can silently join a real-time call without the agent or the customer’s knowledge. They can easily evaluate agent performance and guide them to provide better or personalized service.
  • Call barge: Yes Call barge, Managers can answer the ongoing call and join the conversation to effectively solve the query. It is very convenient when the call agent is unable to provide response services and is in trouble.
  • Call Whisper: a much-needed automation function, Call whisper Enable managers to provide guidance to agents when they are on the phone. This helps to deal with priority customers, because the manager can provide immediate verbal guidance to the agent and get a positive call result.

3- Call recording improves training effect

Reality check: It is almost impossible to listen to every real-time incoming or outgoing call of the manager!

So, what is the solution?

Call recording can help you. Most business phone systems enable you to record agent conversations and store them in a unified data repository.Administrators can access previous Call Recording Safely stored in the cloud anytime, anywhere.

Want to know if this feature is important? The reasons are as follows:

  • You can find out whether your call agent is following the prescribed workflow and potential customer rules.
  • Managers can accurately assess performance and develop needs-based training plans to improve results.
  • Recording is a good guidance tool. Managers can demonstrate how to deal with different types of customers through dialogue.

4- Enhance visibility with visual dashboard

Data is power.

What is better?

Visualize raw data through organized dashboards-this is the real key to success!

Dashboards are an intuitive and navigable reporting tool​​ that are very useful because they display key performance indicators in a structured way. Since the amount of data generated by the call center every day is incalculable, it is important to see all KPIs and indicators at a glance in a unified location.

The best part of call center dashboards is that they condense multiple reports and display information in an easy-to-understand manner. Visual tools such as graphs, pie charts, and pivot tables help show important indicators and enable decision makers to gain key insights.

analysis When choosing the right business phone system provider, this is a feature that is not negotiable!Interactive and intuitive dashboards can make informed decisions and give you a bird’s eye view of the overall health of the call center

5- IVR and voice mail analysis

Interactive voice response and voice mail-undoubtedly the two pillars of successful call automation!

Don’t neglect to track your IVR and voice mail performance, as this can lead to catastrophic results.Bad experience with you Automatic IVR It may damage the brand image and annoy customers. Monitor IVR call analysis to measure resolution rates, create better workflows, and build more functional IVR menus to provide a great customer experience.

Voice mail is another savior of call centers.How your customers use Voicemail It is an important indicator of how they view your call center. Analysis can help you measure the total number of voicemails and how long your agents can respond after receiving a voicemail message.

No one wants to operate an inefficient call center and turn customers to business competitors.It’s time to use advanced power Call analysis Create a personalized customer journey! Call automation allows you to view call duration, resolution rate, abandonment rate and understand what drives agent performance-a win-win situation for all stakeholders!

wrap up

Call analysis is the future of modern business telephony!

Don’t miss the call and endure the performance of poor quality agents anymore. Get an advanced cloud-based business phone system, stand out from the competition and improve bottom-line results!

Do you think call analysis can have an impact on your business communication? Share your views in the comments below and let us know how call automation can help your organization.

Key points

  • Use call analytics to improve the customer experience
  • Visual dashboard = visibility and informed decisions
  • Call monitoring is essential to improve agent on-the-job performance

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