Initiate Strategic Long-Term It Projects Before The Economy Is Fully Open To Enhance Your Technology Infrastructure


For many companies, the past 12 months have been like a pause. The office is empty, people have been working from home, and everything has slowed down. However, as we work hard to vaccinate everyone, people are stepping up their preparations for full-time jobs, and the economy is beginning to return to normal levels.

This means that if you have been in a position where you have been busy with large technology investments until things get busy, then you have almost no time.

Now is the perfect opportunity to start these upgrades and invest in new technologies, because although things are not in full swing, they will happen soon. When people are suddenly ready to start spending money on a business like yours, the last thing you have to deal with is technology upgrades, which makes it harder for you to serve customers correctly.

The good news is that managed service providers (MSPs) are particularly suited to help you execute these projects.

How can MSP help?

Managed service providers are a group of knowledgeable technology enthusiasts who understand and understand how technology can help businesses grow and prosper.

Each member of the team brings a unique perspective to the table, which can provide services to a wide range of industries and provide various services required by growing companies.

When you want to complete a strategic technology project that can promote business development, MSP has the required talents, hands-on experience and technical skills to ensure that the business is completed in the correct way and tailored to your business.

IT projects worth investing now

Upgrading your infrastructure and completing strategic IT projects when you are slow is an ideal way to be ready to be open and ready when the time is up. If you are still upgrading your website and adding e-commerce integration when everything restarts, then you will miss a lot of potential sales and opportunities because of no use.

If you are not sure what type of projects you can invest in now, you can consider the following projects before reopening.

Office moving

The best time to move things is when no one is using it. Again, this happens to be the best time to find a new office. Thanks to the global pandemic, About 18% of office space It can be used only in Midtown Manhattan (the numbers for Lower Manhattan are similar to this). If you postpone the move due to the challenge of finding a good space or because you are too busy at work, now is the time to do so.

By cooperating with MSP, it is easy to move the office and make all the settings and be ready. We work closely with you before, during and after the relocation to ensure that your new space has all the technical requirements required for business operations from office wiring to server room setup.

New website construction

Fewer things can help your business stand out (and make money) like a good website. However, these constructions cannot be completed overnight. They are the result of many design and content decisions, not even how long it takes to build the website itself.

We can help you simplify the process with our hosted website solution. From planning your website to daily maintenance, we will provide you with everything. Finally, you have a website that can provide responsiveness to both mobile and desktop users, show your authority and show off your brand. We also help you with updates, such as blog posts and adding new pages, as well as ensuring that customers can easily contact you. Moreover, if you are an e-commerce company, or you make any form of sales through the website, we can build a system that makes collecting money and processing orders a breeze.

Cloud migration

If we have learned one thing because of the global pandemic, it is that companies need to remain flexible to survive. For many companies, this means scrambling to find a way to work from home without sacrificing productivity and safety. The cloud makes this possible.

Our team of cloud experts can help you build your business on the cloud with everything you need. We can help you find a cloud partner that provides flexibility and security that allows you to scale your business effortlessly as needed. It provides protection for your business data and confidential customer information. In addition, because the business physical space required to operate from the cloud is small, you can also save money on space that was once dedicated to bare metal servers.

Telephone and VoIP service

When business is booming, acquiring a new telephone system or implementing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service (which allows you to use the phone over the Internet) is a tricky thing. The longer the phone system is offline, the greater the impact on your ability to communicate easily with customers.

We can help you get a phone or VoIP solution to achieve greater collaboration, lower costs and stronger connectivity, which not only helps you establish contact with customers, but also ensures that you can communicate with suppliers and contractors Start business. The VoIP system also allows you to reroute calls over the Internet to employees who may be doing business (or employees working from home), so nothing will be missed.

Upgraded security solution

The pandemic has caused Unprecedented number of cybercrime all around the world. The result is that network security has never been more important than it is now. Data breaches cause billions of dollars in losses and fines every year, and erode the trust of customers.

Working with a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) allows you to obtain first-class security solutions without having to be a security expert yourself. MSSP provides 24/7 monitoring of the network, can help you implement access control to limit the distance that hackers can enter the system, and help your business comply with all applicable regulations.

MSSP can help you take further protective measures by providing safety training to your employees. In any security chain, personnel are always the weakest link, and training can reduce the possibility of phishing attacks when employees send suspicious emails to others. Phishing is a hacking technique that can trick people into giving up their login credentials by using very realistic company emails and login portals. Our training includes drills to send fake phishing emails to your employees to test whether they can find these emails.

Custom software development

Sometimes, third-party software solutions are just impractical. They can work, but they require a lot of fiddling to connect them with your system, or you have to move the data manually to use them with them.

Software designed specifically for your business eliminates all hassles by providing you with everything you need to run your business. Our software experts work closely with you to design and execute the perfect software version. You will get the exact functionality you need, the ability to integrate with the tools you are currently using, and receive continuous support after completing the operation to ensure everything is in order.

Automation technology

Manual repetitive tasks are a productivity killer. They can even turn your best employees into people who don’t have much enthusiasm for work because they don’t focus on their field of genius. Business automation can help. These automations eliminate low-value repetitive tasks from the daily workload of employees.

Automation can not only help employees focus on the high-value tasks they do best (using the skills you hire), but it can also help you create a more efficient business. They eliminate the bottleneck that slows down your business. They eliminate the possibility of costly human error in the process. Moreover, they allow you to automate activities such as processing orders so that you can better serve your customers.

Business intelligence solutions

As companies want to learn as much as possible about their customers, big data is all the rage these days. However, one area that is easily overlooked is how to use this information to make data-based decisions to help you grow your business.

Business intelligence solutions allow you to mine data within your company in real time to make highly informed decisions that will help you develop. These solutions can help you replace complex spreadsheets that are usually only understood by one person and turn them into easy-to-read dashboards that anyone can understand.

We can help you build a business intelligence platform suitable for your business, allow you to find and clean up raw data, and provide continuous maintenance and support to help manage any changes that may occur in your business.

Email and data migration from old platforms and vendors

When you move from an old device to a platform designed for modern business methods, let us take care of your data. We work closely with you to plan and execute data migrations to ensure that everything is moved safely, the system is properly configured to process data, and once you start using the new system there will be no errors.

Network and server planning

If your business needs to upgrade an existing network or implement a new network, we can help you. Our IT experts can help you plan new network requirements, find equipment that can help you achieve your strategic goals, and be responsible for installation and setup. We have taken a further step by providing maintenance after the event to ensure that everything continues to help your business.

Backup and disaster recovery

Your business’s ability to survive cyber attacks and natural disasters may depend on your preparations before the incident. Disaster recovery plans and regular backups can help reduce the damage caused when problems arise. We make sure that you have everything your business depends on, including strong (and redundant) backups, and we make plans to ensure that when a disaster occurs, your business will not be offline for longer than necessary.

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