International airport law enforcement operations disrupt Slilpp…


The seizure order affidavit that was unsealed today stated that Slilpp had sold suspected stolen login credentials since 2012.

The Ministry of Justice today announced its role in a transnational operation that resulted in officials sabotaging and dismantling the infrastructure of Slilpp, an online marketplace that allegedly sold stolen online account credentials.

The seizure order affidavit that was unsealed today stated that Slilpp has been selling stolen login credentials, including user names and passwords for bank accounts, online payment accounts, mobile accounts, retailer accounts and other types of online accounts. Suppliers can sell stolen credentials; buyers can use these to make unauthorized transfers from the victim’s account.

At the time of the market disruption, the affidavit stated that more than 1,400 account provider credentials were stolen on Slilpp. Although the full impact of Slilpp is not yet known, officials said that the existing limited victim reports indicate that stolen certificates sold on the market have caused more than $200 million in damages in the United States.

The FBI worked with law enforcement partners in Germany, the Netherlands, and Romania to disrupt Slilpp by identifying a series of servers hosting market infrastructure and its various domain names, the affidavit stated. These servers and domain names were seized in accordance with domestic and international legal procedures, the official wrote in a statement.

Read the full Department of Justice announcement for more information.

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