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Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions provide an innovative solution to addressing your company’s issues. Businesses continue to appreciate cloud-based platforms because they provide capabilities that drive customer satisfaction, increase customer connection, and identify areas inside the company that benefit the most from this model’s application.

What are Cloud contact centers?

A network-based service in which a provider owns and controls contact center technology is known as cloud-based call centers. As a result, it may provide remote services to enterprises on a subscription basis. Cloud contact center software has many benefits as includes the tools and features that are most important to every sector and integrations with other software that helps produce a smooth customer relationship journey.

Features of a Cloud contact center

Here are the best features of Cloud call center software:

1.Interactive voice response (IVR) 

Without speaking to an agent, incoming callers can acquire information through a sound sensor system containing pre-recorded instructions and use menu selections via speech recognition or control keypad selection to have their calls directed to the respective department.

A) Manage by Queues

When you establish a new queue, you can choose from a variety of options, such as:

  • The maximum amount of time a caller can wait before being removed from a queue 
  • The number of times you’ve tried to reach an agent.
  • The amount of time one agent can ring before dialing the next one.

A well-designed Intelligent IVR system can enhance contact center operations and KPIs while also increasing customer satisfaction. 

B) Natural Speech Recognition

Natural speech recognition IVRs eliminate the requirement to press any buttons or pronounce specific words. Instead of being prompted with options, users may say, “I want to book a reservation,” or equivalent words, and the system will comprehend them. An efficient interactive voice response system can assist customers in locating answers and do simple activities independently, especially during times of heavy call volume. When a customer needs or wishes to speak with a live person, IVR technology can help.

2.Workforce Management

Work force management using contact center software

Another vital component of call center software is workforce management software. WFM software automates agent scheduling, forecasting, and intraday changes to ensure that the correct agents are available at the right time. One of the most common Contact Center Software is CallHippo which provides advanced automated, integrated features.

A) Real-time call transcriptions

Call center managers can not only examine real-time transcripts of agents’ calls, but they can also message agents on the side with advice if they notice that they require assistance.

B) Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has the potential to improve intelligent forecasting. Forecasting is the process of predicting future volume based on previous data using one of the various techniques.

3.Automatic call distributor (ACD)

The ACD is a critical component of call center software. It’s the brain that evaluates and organizes incoming calls, routing them to the appropriate destination depending on user-defined rules. 

The purpose of ACD routing is to match consumers with the agent who can best meet their needs, whether in a contact center or at home, resulting in an optimized customer experience.

A) Skill-based call routing

At call centers, skills-based routing (SBR), also known as skills-based call routing, is a call-assignment system that assigns incoming calls to the best appropriate agent rather than the next available agent. It’s an upgrade to the automated call distributor (ACD) systems that most call centers use. The skills (i.e., abilities) are determined using a numerical value in skill-based routing. 

B) Integrations

You can link call center software to a customer service management platform. Integrating cloud phone systems with your CRM provides your teams with current and potential prospects at every stage of the sales process. CRM solutions and many other professional tools can be coupled with cloud call center software in only a few clicks to synchronize the data set in a single interface.

C) Omnichannel routing

Omnichannel routing is an essential aspect of a cloud contact center. You can direct Customer inquiries across a variety of service channels via omnichannel routing. All work items are assigned to the appropriate agency using omnichannel routing. When customers visit contact centers, they want a seamless procedure regardless of their previous communication medium, and they expect to be able to continue conversations swiftly. Choosing a cloud contact center with omnichannel routing strategies allows your company to create a more personalized and seamless client experience.

4.Analysis & Detailed Evaluation Report

By examining these activities, you can not only get a solid idea of the call center’s efficiency, but you can also discover where there is room for improvement. You can obtain a good overview of all calls with call center reporting. You can use Queues, Agents, Periods, and status to filter calls.

Detailed evaluation report using contact center software

It is possible to assess the following activities:

  • All calls
  • Total talk time
  • Average talk time
  • waiting period
  • Average waiting time

5.Quality Management Analytics

To address problem areas, evaluate agent performance, and drive continuous development, every effective call center has a consistent quality assurance strategy. Quality management software automates the process, making it easier to educate and engage agents while also improving your overall contact center services. The following are some aspects to look for in a quality management analytics solution.

A) Simplified coaching method

Coaching is vital for improving customer service and agent growth, retention, and engagement. Workflows in the quality management software make the coaching process quick and increase the chances of success. By tracking coaching sessions and subsequent quality scores for a visual indicator of coaching efficacy, they also provide a clear sign of coaching cause and effect.

B) Screen recording

You should include Call recording in any quality management program, but it is only one aspect of a multi-dimensional interaction. Best-in-class contact center software can record agent screens so that evaluators may hear and see the entire process. This choice can tell more about the agent’s thought process.

Wrapping Up

On the market, there are numerous cloud contact center options. However, while selecting a cloud contact center, businesses must consider critical factors and the best features of call center software – Assessments of technology, vendor positioning, and target customers are among them. 

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