Splunk Intends to Acquires TruStar for Data Management Capabilities


Splunk said it will integrate TruStar’s data sharing capabilities into its data-to-all platforms after the acquisition.

Splunk plans to acquire TruStar, a threat intelligence management provider, to incorporate its intelligence sharing and automation capabilities into its product portfolio.

Founded in 2014 by Patrick Coughlin and Paul Kurtz, TruStar is a cloud-native tool designed to reduce complexity and improve threat detection and response. Its intelligence management platform obtains data from third-party providers and extracts data from historical events to improve detection and automation, and reduce the time it takes for companies to detect and respond to attacks.

Splunk Cloud Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer Sendur Sellakumar wrote in a blog that the news has arrived as the security operations center (SOC) is overwhelmed by data and the increase in remote work expands the corporate attack surface. The forthcoming Splunk study found that 78% of security experts expect another supply chain attack as serious as SolarWinds, or worse.

Splunk plans to integrate TruStar’s intelligence platform into its “data-to-everything” platform so that its customers can add threat intelligence from third parties and their own historical investigations to the SOC workflow.

The official said in a statement: “Ultimately, this will increase inspection efficiency, speed up automation and reduce the time it takes for customers to detect and correct problems before they have an impact on the business.”

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