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Supplier’s Worthy Performance Test Tool – Gigaom


Figure 1. GigaOm radar used to evaluate performance test tools

The market for performance testing tools is heating up. why? Because performance testing is a process of testing software applications under a specific load and providing feedback, it is now regarded as part of a quality-first approach in a cloud-native environment. Performance testing is necessary to provide management and developers with information about the performance quality of IT business solutions.

Another factor influencing the growth of performance testing is the move to the left in DevOps. Testing can stifle innovation and increase the complexity of delivering solutions. Therefore, if it is difficult to use a testing tool, it may become a bottleneck due to the limited number of skilled testers available. This may mean that the team either skips performance testing or accepts quality degradation.

In his recent GigaOm radar report of performance test tool, Analyst Michael Delzer examined 11 performance testing solutions based on standards and the previously established decision-making framework Evaluation of key standard reports for performance testing tools.

Delzer said that he has made many discoveries around market changes that will arouse the interest of technology buyers. The first is to cooperate with supplier Micro Focus, which has made two major changes in the past few years to address its ability to compete with other suppliers.

“They changed the price to make it more consistent with the competition,” Delzer said. “They used to have a high price premium, so they will lose deals above the price.”

Delzer said that Micro Focus also encourages developers to use open source tools to generate test cases. “Before you must have specially trained testers write all test cases,”.

Other observations include Apica’s expansion of its business scope to other regions in Europe and North America, which he described as “if they can attract the attention of buyers, it is a wise choice.”

Startup Loadster has taken action to attract organizations with what Delzer calls “low-end results of website and API testing” solutions. He said that the combination of a fast test creation process and attractive pricing is enough to make Loadster profitable in the market.

One vendor that Delzer is paying close attention to is SmartBear. He said that after acquiring the SOAPUI solution, it was ready to take action, which has since been renamed SmartBear ReadyAPI.

Delzer said: “SmartBear is about to knock, because it is preparing to enter the leadership field with Micro Focus and IBM.” The ReadyAPI solution “fills the gap in coverage and puts them on the same level as other leaders.

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