The Ultimate Guide to a Business Phone Number For New Businesses


Starting a new business can be overwhelming. Speaking of operations, which process do you set up first? What do you think you need to focus more on, managing new people or setting up new processes?

However, whichever operation you are talking about the key is communication, right? Without it, any other efforts wouldn’t work. So this is exactly what we will address here today—setting up a communication system for a newly registered business.

You may have multiple goals, but it is the processes that pave your path to it. The secret is that all big things come from small beginnings. The business takes care of itself if you focus on the core processes. In our case, it is communication.

Nothing beats a virtual phone number for any business, be it local or the ones with a global reach. Hence, here’s why every business should get a business phone number?

Why should you get a Business phone number for a recently registered business?

1. Put up a professional front.

As the world goes digital, your communication system is the closest tool to interacting with the customers beyond the screen. Having your professional contact information out there increases your business credibility. It helps your customers trust your business more.

Especially if you are new to the business and trying to introduce yourself, a business number could be your pass to get your customers to trust your company. A business phone number isn’t just a virtual number, it is a platform, a robust unified communication platform!

2. Create a local presence

A strong community – big or small is a place of opportunity for growth and experience. 

Create a local presence

They say community marketing is the most potent form of marketing. But how do you warn up to it? By getting a local virtual number. With the right business phone system at your disposal, you can get local numbers of any country and access them from anywhere.

Communities trust local authorities more, and hence this would be a good start for your business and warm up to the customers.

3. Make your customers feel heard

Customer is the king, and any business that doesn’t take this seriously struggles! If you are in this for the long haul, practice active listening. Every problem your business faces, every new thing that your business needs, your customer will tell you. All you need to do is Listen!

Make your customers feel heard

That said, every customer wants to feel valued, and the key is to make them feel heard. Having a robust business phone Number in place allows your business to not only make your customers feel listened to but improves your overall customer service.

With toll-free business numbers, you can encourage your customers to reach out to you without any added cost. Since your contact information is free- to dial, they’re more likely to reach out, in turn increasing sales opportunities for you.

4. Provide service around the clock

The 9-5 timings are almost erased from the logs of customer services. This is because customers want businesses to address them immediately and beyond any time restrictions. A virtual number enables you to do that just with a smart device and decent internet connection. You no longer need to be wired to your phone.

Provide service around the clock

Features such as call forwarding as well come in handy. If you are unavailable for a while, you can simply forward your calls to someone who can attend them for you – this way, you are not missing any opportunities. A virtual business number makes it easy for you to be available 24*7.

5. Be cost-efficient

Whether you are a startup or an established business, you need to project the same level of credibility as any other business in the industry. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your need to incur more cost.

This is the beauty of a business phone number; you can get one at very affordable prices. Add the number of users with little to no cost and get your communication system up and running.

With a virtual business phone number, you also end up saving on the hardware – No copper wires or traditional phone systems. All you need is an intelligent device with decent internet connectivity.

The local and international calls are highly affordable, and above all, you only end up getting charged for the services you used. So evaluate and select the plans that suit your business needs the most. Some business system providers help you with a customized plan as well.

6. Streamline your operations

A business phone number enables much more than calling and texting. The intelligent phone system lets you automatically direct calls to the ideal department. Even with the most advanced features, VoIP systems are highly user-friendly. Hence it further reduces your human resource investment, such as technical support.

Streamline your operations

It further enables integration with CRM tools and helps your further optimize your communication process.

7. Minimize the risk

As massive as the advantage is, the risk involved in investing in a virtual phone system is equally low. If you feel that it isn’t the right choice for your business, go ahead and cancel the subscription. That’s it, and you are free. With almost no hardware involved, it is straightforward to get this system of your back.

Now that we know why you should have a business phone number as a recently registered business owner let’s see how you can get one.

How to get a virtual phone number for a recently registered business?

1. Evaluate your business requirements

There are plenty of business phone number providers in the market, and all of them have something unique to offer. Your goal here is not to find the best one but the ideal one. Best is a very subjective term, do not fall for it. List down your priorities. The features that your business will need and then narrow down your options.

2. Research on the company

Check the years of experience the company has, the industries it serves, its quality, its customer service, the plans it offers, how flexible it is, and last but not least, do it support your current needs and goals?

In the end, it is essential to partner with a company that is progressive and provides you with the latest features to keep up with the market demands.

3. Select the kind of numbers 

Virtual phone numbers come in multiple flavors – local numbers, toll-free numbers ar a vanity numbers. Each of the numbers has its specific use. Learn which suits your business the best. Take your time to decide the number. It is advisable not to alter your numbers after your contact information is live. You can easily add or deduct the number of users you want to access the number. Most of the providers allow it at a very minimal cost or free.

4. Go all in!

You have got all the information you need. All you have to do is leverage the tools right. Don’t hold yourself back from experimenting. You might discover wonders.

Look for a solution that empowers your processes. Ask for a free trial. Check if your employees are comfortable with it, after all, they are the ones who’ll be using it the most. 

As we said, every business is unique in its own ways – the key is to get the best-suited tools. The process of finding one might be a little lengthy and time-consuming, but the results will be worth the effort.

Need a guide to set up your VoIP system? We heard you!

We hope this helps you get the right business communication system. However, do let us know your experience with it in the comments below.

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