Top 10 Benefits Of A Modern Call Center Software


Modern problems require modern solutions!

When was the last time you mailed a physical letter to someone? Who does that anymore, right? We have all shifted to email. Even when it comes to data storage or CRM, our first option is cloud storage.

Is your company lacking this advancement in the call-center software solution? Shifting from on-premise software to a modern application might sound like a hassle at first, but once in place, a cloud-enabled solution yields many benefits.

The modern call center software solutions are dynamic to help you meet the changing needs of the current times. From importing agent experience to increasing customer satisfaction, modern call-center software enables you to achieve it all.

Still unsure if you need a new solution? Here are five signs to help you out.

5 signs you need to upgrade your call center software

1. Managing your calls is getting chaotic

Your staff is constantly overwhelmed by your calls. You cannot handle the number of calls, and your voicemail inbox is always full. This is one of the first signs that you need a better solution – one that empowers your staff to perform better and provide the best possible service to your customers. 

An intelligent solution also helps reduce the number of calls by resolving basic customer queries or at least redirecting them to the correct department.

2. You are unable to use data to your advantage

Data is oil. It is the key ingredient to customer satisfaction. If your current call center solution fails to provide you the insights into your customer behavior and key metrics to measure your overall performance, it’s time to make a switch.

Organizations are already using call analytics to reduce average handle time by around 40%. The same tech also improves self-service containment rates by up to 20%.

Having the correct data at your disposal provides you with a better understanding of your customer and processes – it helps you optimize them accordingly!

3. You are having a hard time integrating your solution

call center software integrations

Along with your call center software, you probably have multiple solutions in place for a smoother process. But does your staff need to navigate through each one of them individually? There’s the problem. 

Professionals spend 19% of their time finding resources, documents, and information necessary to do their jobs.

Your call center software is much more powerful when it is integrated with other solutions. In addition, a rightly integrated solution provides your staff the customer information beforehand and enables them to serve better.

4. You are unable to extend your support on multiple channels

Customers today expect brands to be present on every channel and demand to be heard. An advanced call center solution enables you to provide support through multiple channels seamlessly.

51% of companies today use at least eight channels to interact with customers

Chat and social media channels are equally important for providing support. An advanced call center solution allows you to manage various channels simultaneously and provide consolidated results for the same.

5. Managing compliance is a task for you

Call centers need to adhere to laws and regulations on call recording, storage, playback, accessing data, and more. The modern call center software solutions have a system developed for the same. For instance, modern call center solutions mask credit card information, ask you for how long you want to storge your call recording. Want to simplify your call compliance? Invest in a cloud-based solution!

Well, the list can still go on, but these were a few significant reasons we wanted to address. So now that you want to upgrade your call center solution let’s see how one can benefit you. 

Benefits of an Intelligent Call Center Software Solution

A) Cost-efficient

good call center software is cost efficient

Being cost-efficient is the most crucial aspect of any process we set up in an organization. So let’s see how a cloud-enabled call center solution does that.

1. Better staff planning

An intelligent software solution enables you to make data-driven decisions. Hence you can foresee the workload expected by your business and manage your human resources accordingly, resulting in a reduced overstaffing situation.

2. Fewer compliance issues

Most of the call center software has a compliance system that guarantees compliance and helps you effectively reduce compliance fines.

3. No hardware costs

Since the modern call center software are cloud-enabled, it requires a smart device and internet connectivity. Therefore, you can save up your cost on the hardware and its maintenance.

4. Automated processes

AI enables call center solutions to redirect calls based on the customers’ query – they can also provide solution/ self-help resources. In turn, they are helping you reduce human efforts.

B) Increased revenue

1. Productive practices

The advanced features of call center software encourage effective practices. For instance, a component such as a power dialer allows you to upload a list of numbers and dials them automatically after the previous call is done. This helps you eliminate monotonous tasks, save time and reduce errors. Hence, the advanced software solutions help your staff perform more efficiently and deliver more value.

2. Data-driven practices

Data helps you understand your customer and predict their buying patterns. By leveraging data, your campaigns are more likely to succeed and yield positive results with data. 

For example, you get to know the best time to connect with a particular customer, the wait time expected, and further optimize your campaign as per your customers’ expectations.

3. Reduced wait time

With the proper practices in place, call center software helps you reduce wait time drastically.

The workload forecast notifies you beforehand if there is a shortage of staff. Also, the AI-empowered chats help customers themselves resolve their queries by providing self-help resources.

C) Consistent customer experience

1. Empowered staff

Call recording allows your company to keep records of customer interactions and provides you to train your team better and provide more consistent experiences.

It helps you create a development-driven environment where the process is transparent and allows the agent to analyze their performance. 

2. Scalability

Need more resources for a particular campaign? Need to slow down due to the off-season? Good call center software will help you with it quickly without revealing the behind-the-scenes of your organization. 

Whether you need to shoot up your human resources or lay back for a while, you can do it all without making any amends to your current contact information.

Today, almost all the solutions are built to support your present needs and empower your future plans seamlessly. Moreover, the solutions grow with your company.

3. 360-degree overview

A cloud system provides you better visibility and control over the entire company’s processes. For example, no matter the number of locations your system is being accessed from, you can exert control from a single source on the number of people accessing the system.

Bringing a change in the existing processes can never be entirely frictionless. Setting up a wholly new system, establishing new procedures accordingly, training your staff is a few things that might take up some time initially. But remember, the return on investment will be much more significant over time.

Above all, don’t hold yourself back from experimenting. Try out the new features, leverage the insights and see how the call center solution works for your company. 

Need some help getting started? Here are seven easy steps to set up a call center!

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