Top 10 IVR Service Providers in India for Businesses


Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, hiring receptionists just to redirect phone calls to the right department could quickly become a burden. For businesses that receive hundreds or thousands of calls every day, it could further hurt your finances. 

Thankfully, there’s a solution. IVR makes this process simpler and easier for everyone. Customers can choose the right option as per their requirements and reach the correct department within seconds. In addition, businesses get to save time and money by not hiring receptionists. 

However, choosing the right one for your business can be challenging with hundreds of IVR service providers out there. To make things easier for you, we tested several IVR service providers in India and created this list with the top ten solutions. 

But before we move to the best IVR service providers, let’s understand its importance for your business and how it helps improve customer experience. 

Reasons for Using IVR

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is your virtual receptionist that shares pre-recorded messages to employees and helps them choose the right department for their problem. Here are some more reasons for using IVR:

  • Minimizes expenses by reducing the number of customer executives required. 
  • Track potential leads even outside business hours. 
  • Allows you to set up call forwarding, so you don’t miss any calls when you’re not in the office. 
  • It can attend to hundreds of calls simultaneously. 
  • Automated greeting makes your business look more professional and enhances your brand image. 
  • Improves the brand-customer relationship by allowing you to customize phone menus and prompts. 

Improving Customer Service With IVR

With an IVR system set in place, customers’ calls will quickly and efficiently get routed to a skilled agent. This will increase your first call resolution rate, thereby enhancing the customer experience. 

IVR also provides self-service options to customers. For instance, if you’re a telecom company, you can let your customers check their subscription status, balance, previous bills, etc., without even talking to a human agent. Just enter your registration number and get the details.

10 Best IVR Service Providers in India

1- CallHippo

CallHippo tops our list of best IVR service providers owing to its single and multi-level IVR systems. In addition, it offers comprehensive communication systems to businesses to ensure high-level productivity and improve customer experience.

Connect to IVR

CallHippo’s user-friendly IVR system is perfect for small businesses that want to give their customers a big brand experience without burning a hole in their pockets.


  • Customize IVR messages easily or upload recordings at your convenience.
  • Share pre-recorded messages with callers while they wait for their call to get connected with an agent. 
  • Track all your incoming calls and monitor what people are dialing. 
  • Understand how people perceive your IVR system and optimize the messages accordingly.
  • Intelligent call routing to help callers reach the right agent.


Though CallHippo’s plans start from $17, you’ll have to choose Silver or other high-end packages to get the IVR feature. The Silver plan (with the IVR system) would cost you $30 per user per month.

2- Telcob


A cloud telephony services provider, Telcob helps businesses build memorable call experiences with its IVR system. You can create or upload recordings that your customers will listen to every time they call you. 


  • Helps engage your callers while they wait in the queue.
  • Provides multiple extensions on a single IVR number based on departments. 
  • Record every call automatically. 
  • Real-time reporting of each call for detailed analysis.


Telco’s plans start from? 599 per month.

3- Exotel


Exotel’s smart IVR system helps route each call to the right agent based on the caller’s input. In addition, it allows you to personalize the message based on different criteria. For example, you can share different messages with new callers and repeat customers. 

You can type what you want to share with your customers, and the system will convert it into a voice message (in a robotic voice). Its drag and drop dashboard enables you to optimize your messages within seconds. 


  • Single and multi-level IVR
  • Personalization of messages for different customers
  • Cash on delivery verification
  • Automated checking for order status
  • Reports and analytics


Exotel’s plans start from? 5,555 per month (excluding taxes).

4- Ozonetel


IVR Guru is perfect for businesses that make more outbound calls. It offers a simple, easy-to-use interactive voice response system that routes calls to the appropriate agent, interacts with callers, and gathers information.

From follow-up notifications to lead capturing, IVR Guru has all the features you’ll need in an IVR system for sales.


  • Auto lead assigning
  • Lead capturing
  • Follow up
  • Follow-up notifications
  • Client searching
  • Lead IVR (Sticky)
  • Agent forwarding
  • Call recording


IVR Guru’s services start from ? 15,600 per year (for IVR services).

6- Pulse


Based on the cloud, Pulse offers a multi-language virtual receptionist so you can handle and route huge call volumes efficiently. In addition, you can update and share non-business working hours, weekends, and holidays with custom voice messages.


  • Self-service
  • Non-business hours announcement
  • On-hold music 
  • Advertisements when in queue
  • Collect feedback


Pulse hasn’t revealed its pricing yet. However, you can reach out to the company for a custom quote. 

7- Ziffy


If you’re looking for an IVR system for multiple industries, Ziffy might be the right choice. Ziffy offers advanced call routing & forwarding features to help customers reach the correct department. It also allows callers to request a callback if the queue is too long.


  • Call forwarding
  • Announcement widget
  • Auto-reply SMS
  • Call alerts
  • Call conference
  • Call back request
  • Geographic routing & barring
  • Live call transfer
  • Text to speech
  • Welcome greeting
  • Working hours


Ziffy’s plans start from? 699 per month.

8- Knowlarity

Knowlarity is one of the most popular IVR service providers in India. Whether you want an IVR system for inbound or outbound calls, Knowlarity has all the features you’ll need. Plus, it is easy to set up and activate (with a smart plug & play solution).


  • Multi-language support
  • Call routing
  • Customizable menu
  • Concurrent calls
  • Call recording
  • Personalization
  • Call forwarding


Knowlarity’s IVR plans start from ? 10,000 per month.

9- Servetel


Servetel is a cloud-based IVR system provider that helps automate and handle multiple calls simultaneously. Its intelligent call forwarding routes the call to the best-suited agent within seconds. Customers can also use its sticky agent feature to speak with the same representative they had spoken to earlier.


  • Add-on application integration
  • Programmable multi-level IVR
  • Professional voice over artists
  • Live call monitoring dashboard
  • Built-in text-to-speech
  • Call whispering


Servetel offers custom plans to each business. You will need to contact them for a quote.

10- C-Zentrix


If you’re looking to offer the most personalized experience to your callers, CZ IVR is the ideal choice. It allows you to create different responses (static and dynamic) to multiple callers simultaneously.


  • Authenticate the caller (perfect for financial institutions)
  • Inbuilt TTS facility
  • Handle off-hour requests
  • Speech IVR
  • Reports and analytics
  • Web-based IVR


C-Zentrix has not provided its pricing details. You will have to contact the company for a tailored quote.

Wrapping Up

An IVR system helps businesses and call centers route callers to the right agent efficiently and economically. With the right IVR service provider, you can save operational costs, reduce agent burnout, and improve customer experience. 

Did we miss any of your favorite IVR service providers in India? Let us know in the comment section, and we will review them asap!


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