Top 5 Reasons to get a Hosted PBX service today!


With customer bases surpassing all global boundaries, businesses need robust solutions to facilitate them. 

We believe seamless communication across teams and customers, irrespective of the location, is the key to success for any business. Likewise, a hosted PBX system is the key to effective communication and collaboration.

What is a Hosted PBX System?

A cloud-based virtual PBX is software that enables communication through the internet instead of a privately managed call controller or server.

Also known as VoIP system, Voice over Internet Protocol, this service is changing the future of communication. It is already widely accepted and is expected to grow its reign even more.

Just as any technology runs its course, you can keep it running and find parts from the black/grey market to avoid migration. But, here’s the catch, the repairs, outdated system, and person-hours invested will hurt your businesses more than you think.

“Change is good. It’s also often hard. But to succeed in business, you must run toward it.”

The idea of migrating to newer technology might raise many questions. Of course, it is possible to incur some cost at first, in the software, in training the staff, but that would be nothing compared to the gains. Here are five signs that indicate it’s time to bid farewell to the traditional phone systems.

5 Signs your business need a Hosted PBX Service

  • Your phone bill is astronomical
  • You are planning to expand your business
  • You want to free yourself of the hefty hardware
  • The legacy telephone system is hurting your productivity
  • You fail to collect and leverage the voice data

But all this gaga isn’t just because of ease of calling. There are quite a few benefits a hosted PBX service provides apart from seamless global calling. Let’s take a peek at them. Shall we?

Benefits of a Hosted PBX system

1. Flexibility

Adapt or die, they said! Netflix, yellow pages are a few examples of successful businesses that knew the right time to adapt. It’s your turn now!

Today, a business that can manage the blows of the market and adjust accordingly is the one that paves the way to the top. 

Want to scale up your team for a particular campaign? Need to create a local presence without actually being present somewhere? Do your teams want to work remotely? And the list will go on. But you can put an end to it all. Here’s how.

2. Mobility

A cloud-based platform, a hosted PBX, allows you to access the software anywhere, considering you have any smart device and decent internet connectivity.

3. Scalability

Expand your teams overseas – in any part of the world, with grounded communication infrastructure. Be it a temporary or a permanent expansion, local or international, you can extend the same communication infrastructure with little to no extra cost with a hosted PBX solution.

4. Cost-efficiency

Profit is what keeps a business going. Therefore, every business, irrespective of its size, uses a strategy to make its processes more cost-efficient. A hosted PBX platform allows you to accomplish the desired results with the least amount of resources, be it monetary or human. How did you ask?

5. Save up on the costs of hardware

Its space, and maintenance. The old systems required much room for data to be stored and to stay up and running. Cloud-based systems let your business operate with very little to no investment. It easily enables organizations to implement the BYOD system as well. All you need is good internet connectivity and the software itself.

6. Save up your person-hours

Human resources are the most valuable asset, and no other software can compensate for the value they provide. With an intelligent system in place, you can automatically direct calls, lead basic conversations with the help of AI, and free your employees from monotonous tasks.

7. Pay only for the services you avail of

Every business is unique in its way. No one solution/ plan fits all. Most of the hosted PBX service providers customize their plans or have various plans to offer. You can evaluate what your business needs and choose accordingly. It is also easy to switch between plans whenever your business needs evolve.

Small businesses saved 68% on average from bundling their uses into VOIP usage-based plan

Choose the software that not only meets your current needs but will also aid your future plans.

8. Centrality

With businesses growing at an unprecedented speed, it gets more challenging to keep track of all the business processes across the globe. This is where you invest in a hosted small business phone system, where you can easily track and manage your business.

Real-time call monitoring and analysis help you better understand your customer behaviour, evaluate employee productivity, view missed calls, ongoing calls, and ultimately optimize your business processes.

Above all, you always have a single point of contact – your virtual number, irrespective of the behind-the-scenes of your organization and can deliver Fabulous communication. A hosted PBX system gives you the power to manage your global presence from anywhere.

9. Improved Services

The extensive and intelligent set of features provided by a PBX phone system to transform a business communication platform. Data analytics, customer management, better voice quality, 360-degree view, on-hold music, AI-empowered conversation in the end work towards a single goal – to enhance communication.

Most of these features are available at no extra cost with the service.

  • Plan your campaigns backed by relevant data
  • Delight your customers with lesser time on hold
  • Uphold a consistent form of communication

And, the list goes on. It is about how well you can implement the service.

10. Usability

The best part of this service is that it isn’t complicated to use despite having such advanced features. You employees can use it with minimum training or by simply going through user documentation. This plug-and-play system is adaptable, scalable, and easy to use. So, what are we waiting for?

Are you ready to scale your business?

Want to know how to get started? Here’s a cue.

Is there anything holding you back from investing in an IP PBX system? How has your experience been with it? We’d love to hear from you. Do write to us in the comments below.

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