What is a sales dialer?The complete guide for your business


do Did you know that sales representatives spend 15% of their time leaving messages?

Competition in every industry is rapidly intensifying.This is why the best sales managers regularly guide their agents and provide them with Best tool. Coaching helps representatives increase their chances of conversion, while tools help them save time.

An ordinary representative Approximately 52 calls per dayAlthough the list of dialing phone numbers does not sound complicated, dialing hundreds of numbers every day can be tiresome and frustrating. This is where sales dialers can help.

Let us understand what a sales dialer is, the different types of sales dialers, and how it can benefit your business!

What is a sales dialer?

Sales dialer is a program that automates the dialing process when calling potential customers. This eliminates the repetitive work of manually dialing a phone number and any human errors associated with it.

As a sales manager, you may already know that not every potential customer will answer the phone. In addition, when you have a list of one hundred potential customers, how do you prioritize which potential customers to call first? Who is more likely to convert? Add this time you will spend manually dialing the number. This is where the sales dialer comes in. It enables you to:

  • Compile a customer list based on the time point of the customer in the sales cycle
  • Automatically put clues into dial list
  • Automatically dial the number at the right time

Types of sales dialers

There are three main types of sales dialers:

The question now is, which one should you choose?

The direct answer to the above question is: it Depends on what you want to achieve.

Let us better understand what these sales dialers mean and when you should choose them.

Automatic dialer: the machine gun of the dialer

The automatic dialing system will automatically dial multiple phone numbers from the list at the same time. When the call is answered, it will connect the caller to the agent or deliver a pre-recorded message.

Autodialers are ideal for large organizations interested in making a large number of calls. In addition, companies that conduct public opinion surveys, promote general-purpose products, and inform people of their latest products can benefit from basic large-scale automatic dialers.

When to choose an automatic dialer?

If personalization is not your top priority and you want to call as many people as possible, choose an auto dialer.

However, if your main goal is to connect the accepted phone to a human agent to sell the product, an auto dialer is not the right choice. This is because the automatic dialer dials multiple numbers at the same time, which may cause an unacceptable delay between the potential customer’s answering the call and the agent’s answering the call.

2- Predictive Dialer: AI Rescue

As we all know, predictive dialers can reduce the “free time” of agents From 33% to 5%. This Predictability Dialer takes the automatic dialer to a new level with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). It dials multiple numbers based on an algorithm and redirects the call to the agent only when the call is answered.

The predictive dialer takes the automatic dialer to a new level with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). It dials multiple numbers based on an algorithm and redirects the call to the agent only when the call is answered.

Predictive dialer

The predictive dialing algorithm is programmed to take into account the custom settings of past data, including:

  • Average time to answer a call
  • Average number of calls answered
  • Average call duration

In other words, the predictive dialer will call a number before the agent actually completes the current number. This ensures that the agent makes an active call immediately after completing the current call.

The predictive dialer uses a voice mail detection system to detect real-time pauses, start phrases, and common conversation features (for example, words Hello there After answering the call) to determine when the potential customer will answer and route the call to the agent.

The AI ​​system will also automatically optimize the algorithm in real time based on the above factors. This ensures that you always get the maximum benefit from your investment.

When to choose a predictive dialer?

When your first task is to connect as many potential customers as possible with human agents, predictive dialers are ideal. It minimizes the free time of your representatives and increases productivity.

3- Progressive dialer: personalized call experience

The progressive dialer dials one number at a time. It will automatically detect when the agent ends the call and immediately dial the next number in the list.

Progressive dialer

There are two types of progressive dialers:

  • Preview dialer
  • Power dialer

Preview dialer Provide your representative with some control over the call process. It usually displays a list of numbers to the agent, and the agent can decide whether to skip the following numbers in the queue. It also displays complete information about upcoming potential customers, so that your agents can better research and prepare before answering the call.

A kind Power dialer More effective than preview dialer. However, it does not allow the agent to decide which lead to call. Instead, it will automatically call the next number in the list. If the potential customer does not respond to the call, the power dialer will dial the following numbers in the list.

When to use a progressive dialer?

When your first priority is to personalize the call experience rather than volume, use a progressive dialer. It may also increase conversion rates because your agency can focus more on providing the best experience for potential customers.

The benefits of selling dialers for your business

Sales dialers can save time and eliminate manual errors from your calling process. Here are more ways selling dialers can benefit your business.

1- Provide a complete overview of your sales activities

Advanced sales dialers such as CallHippo integrate with all leading CRMs, enabling you to create a more streamlined sales workflow. It provides deep insights for every potential customer (including when they interact with your business and how they are talking).

Since the data is captured in your CRM, it can provide your sales team with better data and faster organizational learning.

2- Helps increase conversion rate

Calls from unknown area codes are often ignored or rejected. However, the business system (with a built-in sales dialer) allows you to make outgoing calls using local numbers. This increases the opportunities for conversion and customer experience.

Another way that sales dialers can help increase conversion rates is to remind you to retry abandoned calls after the initial call. They can program different retry strategies for different results, such as busy tone, voice mail, and disconnection.

3- Make time for other tasks

Since the sales dialer automatically dials the phone number, your representative can complete other tasks (for example, post-call work, researching potential customers, etc.) in a shorter time. A study shows that each agent of the dialer can save approximately 45 minutes per day. You can use this time to follow up with more potential customers and increase your conversion rate.

wrap up

An effective sales process is to make full use of the sales staff’s time. Sales dialers eliminate the redundant process of dialing each number one by one, thus saving them time.

If you haven’t started using sales dialers in your company, now is the time.

Key points

  • The auto dialer can dial multiple numbers at the same time.
  • The predictive dialer uses an algorithm to determine when the agent can answer the call and dial the number accordingly.
  • After the call is completed, the power dialer will immediately dial the phone number.

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