What to do If want to Export AOL Email to Gmail Manually


What to do If want to Export AOL Email to Gmail

admin ❘  May 18th, 2021

AOL email is an adaptable, secure, and free email service that is owned by AOL and has always been in demand by millions of users for many years. In the past, AOL Mail was the largest email service provider, and as people’s needs change over time, people want to export AOL email to Gmail because they find it a better option.

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Over time, people consider Gmail to be the most convenient email service provider with many other features besides email services. The Gmail platform is constantly improving, so new features and add-ons are always used to make the app more personalized. And this is where AOL is lacking in, which is why people are transferring AOL email to Gmail.

Before we find a way to export AOL email to Gmail, here, take a look at the factors that make people prefer to forward AOL mail to Gmail 2021 nowadays.

Reasons Over Conversion of AOL Emails to Gmail

Several reasons are mentioned below as a result of which people are constantly in the process of transferring AOL email to Gmail to avoid difficulties or risks:

  • Gmail allows you to import your email addresses, contacts, and connections.
  • Gmail is compatible with many other platforms other than windows, android, etc.
  • There will be no irritating pop-up ads in Gmail.
  • There is no need to scroll up and down looking for your mail when you can click the search icon and find it right away.
  • Gmail is the best at dealing with removing spam.

These may be the reasons why people choose to export AOL email to Gmail. Now the question arises, how do I transfer my AOL mail to Gmail?

Steps to Move AOL Emails to Gmail

Just a few simple steps to follow, and you are on your way! Follow the below-mentioned steps one by one to export AOL email to Gmail manually:

  1. To begin, sign in to your Gmail account and select the Settings gear in the upper left corner.
  2. select setting gare

  3. Now, from the menu that appears on that screen, select See all Settings.
  4. see all setting

  5. To get going, select the Account and Import tab.
  6. select account and import

  7. Then choose Import Email and Contacts from the drop-down menu. Pick Import from another address if you imported mail. The Import dialogue box will then appear.
  8. choose import and export contact

  9. Click on Continue and carry on by entering your AOL email password.
  10. click continue

  11. Start the import process and press the Ok button when done.

The manual method can be troublesome if you have a large amount of data. The process described above can take a lot of time. Furthermore, users with only rudimentary technical knowledge have been unable to export AOL emails to Gmail successfully. Some of the few reasons are:

  • The configuration method might be complicated.
  • It is impossible to forward all your AOL emails to Gmail.
  • Can you transfer your emails from AOL to Gmail selectively? The answer is No!
  • Using a manual method could be risky for your data.

Still can’t forward AOL email to Gmail? I will be providing you a process used by professionals to export AOL email to Gmail.

AOL Mail Backup Tool has several unique features that can help you move your AOL email to Gmail. Some of them are: you can also choose an email folder based on your needs, no longer need to set up an email client, Transfer all your emails with everyone, maintain their attachments, folder hierarchies, etc. AOL Mail Backup Tool is a tool that makes the process to export AOL email to Gmail trouble-free with ease of use. You can even transfer AOL mail to Yahoo and various other email clients and file formats.


Knowing that AOL email has been in use by millions of people over the years, we cannot forget that people have been in a constant process to export their AOL email to Gmail as they find it more convenient. As described above some of the reasons given above manually as well as the solution to use an expert solution.

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