What Type Of VoIP Number Is Best For Your Business?


If you are running a national or international business, we are pretty sure that you must be familiar with the popular business phone system known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). 

However, for the uninitiated, it is a phone system that allows organizations to make and receive calls over the internet as well as to conduct multiple advanced customer support activities such as call forwarding, call queuing, call monitoring and analysis, and so on. In short, business communication with virtual phones is certainly a seamless and smooth experience.

But, just like selecting the best VoIP phone system, selecting the best VoIP number that precisely matches your business requirements is also a challenging task and needs a fundamental knowledge about the subject.

For this reason, we decided to help you a bit. This blog will help you understand the various types of VoIP phone numbers, what VoIP is used for, how they differ from one another, and which is appropriate for your business. But, before we go into VoIP number types, let’s first understand what a VoIP number is.

What Is A VoIP Phone Number?

A VoIP number is a phone number that is assigned to the user when they sign up for the VoIP phone service. It is an internet-based phone service that allows users to make and receive calls. When customers sign up for VoIP support, they do not have to worry about the operating location, unlike when they use phone lines, since VoIP number offers a form of omnipresence or worldwide accessibility to users as it works on the internet connection.

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Moreover, the VoIP phone number is not only simple to set up and use, but it also includes a variety of communication features like video conferencing, conference calls, instant messages, auto-attendants, call routing, call monitoring and analytics, and so on. Check out this blog post to learn more about VoIP’s unique features.

This is an overview of VoIP phone numbers. However, business VoIP numbers can be further divided into 3 primary types. What are those types, how do they differ, and how can they benefit your business? Let’s look for answers to all of these questions in the following section.

Types of Virtual Phone Number

1 ) Local Business Phone Number

As the name implies, local numbers are specific to the local area and commonly begin with a three-digit area code that denotes the city or region. When you buy a local VoIP number, you are not charged when a consumer calls. Instead, you will only be charged for outgoing calls. Furthermore, most VoIP providers include a free business phone number as well as unlimited minutes and text messaging.

Local VoIP Numbers are Best For

If you are a new or small business and initially want to focus on the local area, a local phone number is an ideal solution. The local prefix of these numbers helps in the building of trust among local customers. Moreover, you can always select local numbers for any other regions or cities that you want to target or grow your presence in.

Not to mention, this VoIP number also comes with a variety of other VoIP features like auto-attendant, call forwarding and others that will significantly assist you in projecting a professional image of your business among customers as well as improving customer support operations.

2 ) Toll-Free Phone Number

We’ve all heard of and maybe even used a toll-free VoIP number at some point in our lives. Toll free numbers are phone numbers that typically begin with the prefix 1800. These numbers, unlike local numbers, do not charge customers but rather the business even when the customer calls. Along with the 1800 series, we now have many other prefixes for toll free numbers available, including 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844.

Toll Free VoIP Numbers are Best For

These numbers are ideally suited for enterprises with a national or international customer base. Moreover, toll-free numbers will assist your company in projecting a reputable and professional image while also allowing customers to contact you for free. 

Another advantage of toll-free VoIP numbers is that they enable businesses or business owners to expand their presence across the country without the need for a local number for each city or region.

3 ) Vanity Phone Number

If your primary goal is branding, vanity VoIP numbers are an excellent tool. According to Wikipedia, a vanity number is “a telephone number for which a subscriber demands an easily remembered sequence of numbers for marketing purposes.” 

In layman’s terms, a vanity number is an alpha-numeric and customizable business phone number that spells out a memorable word or phrase. For example, 1800-ICECREAM can be a vanity toll-free phone number for a popular ice cream delivery service.

Vanity Phone Number

Vanity VoIP Numbers are Best For

Vanity numbers are the perfect option for organizations that are more concerned with creating a brand image and expanding their presence. These VoIP numbers allow buyers to remember the brand name rather than the number itself. In addition, vanity numbers not only make it easier for customers to contact you, but they also make your organization appear more professional, ultimately improving brand recognition.

Which VoIP Number Is Best Suited For Your Business Phone Service?

So, these are the 3 primary types of VoIP numbers. As we can see, each one is unique and has its own importance and role. In a nutshell, if you are just starting a new firm, we recommend getting a local VoIP phone number. Similarly, if you have a national presence or want to reach as many regions as possible, toll-free numbers are the ideal solution.

In contrast, if you are more concerned with marketing and want to establish a long-term presence in the minds of your customers, a vanity number is the way to go. However, note that there are some other types of VoIP numbers as well, including level 3 VoIP numbers.

voip number suited for your business

To be on the safe side, we recommend that you get local VoIP numbers in addition to a toll free number or vanity number for regions that are at the top of your priority list or regions where you have a significant customer base in order to avoid losing them. Because ignoring or abandoning your local or existing customers while focusing on other territories and prospects will indirectly allow your competitor to infiltrate your customer base.

This brings us to the end of this blog. We are pretty sure that this information will help you select the best business phone number for your business that best matches your requirements.

Summing Up

Choosing the best VoIP number type can be as tricky as choosing the best VoIP number providers, especially if you are unaware of the different VoIP phone numbers and their purpose. However, keep this thumb rule in mind: toll free numbers are helpful for firms with a national presence, vanity VoIP numbers are good for marketing and brand awareness, and local numbers are suitable for all types of businesses.

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